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Daniel Martinez

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The Amazingly Useful “Mono” Switch

Learn about the MONO switch located on the back panel of MixerFace!

In this tech note we will go over the MONO switch on MixerFace. 

MixerFace is a small device capable of big things.  Three recessed switches are located on the back panel of MixerFace (see pic above).  The middle switch is the MONO monitoring switch. When switched to the “ST” side, you enable stereo monitoring, and switched to the “MONO” side, mono monitoring is enabled.

The MONO switch on the back panel allows you to temporarily combine the R and L channels in headphones, so that you could monitor each channel in the middle of the head during the recording, but this switch doesn’t affect the recording itself, which remains pristine. This is done so that you would still have the ability to adjust the levels of the individual channels later, in post. If we recorded both inputs on both channels, they would be permanently mixed together and you would lose the ability to separate them later, during the editing stage. If there were some level issues, etc, you would not be able to “fix” it in post.

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