Cleaner Vox with SoapBox

Travel-Size, World-Class Audio Rig,

In The Pocket

Pack light and sound great! Stream live, record podcasts, VO, interviews, and demos. They will never guess you weren't in a professional studio.

Focus on Your Performance

Content creators play talent and technician at the same time. Which is unnatural. You either adjust the knobs or deliver the performance. We invented the SoapBox for content creators just like you. Have peace of mind knowing your levels are consistent, and your audio is free from overloads, noises and hiss. Relax, perform and let the SoapBox be your tech.

Ideal for Live Streaming, Podcasting, ADR/VO and Vocals

Leave the Studio Behind

You love your rackmount gear. But you also love to travel and the 19" rack is too big to take along.

What if there was a better option?

Now you can take classic studio processing "to go".

Avoid the missed takes, control your levels, in any setting.

What's Inside the SoapBox?

The SoapBox is an analog dynamics processor. It uses proven technology that stands the test of time. A full complement of vintage, tone-shaping goodness, SoapBox features sweet and warm-sounding "old-school analog processing". This means instant monitoring and immediate adjustments. Your sound will improve, no matter where you record. We guarantee it. 

Noise Gate

Reduce background noise, Improve vocal intelligibility


Level out the peaks, help your vocal stand out in the mix


Smooth out the harsh sibilance, make your vocals cleaner

LED Meters

Professional VU meters help track levels and reduce overloads


Adjustable brightness to make you comfortable in any setting

USB-C Power

USB is available everywhere, use a power bank or a charger

Professional Features

SoapBox features robust XLR connectors and line level I/O

Power is supplied over USB-C, available everywhere

Units could be linked for multichannel operation

Classic Tech with a Modern Twist

Analog technology is fast and sounds great. It is easy to use (no menus, installs or reboots). It works reliably and doesn't age the way digital does. You won't have to upgrade in 6 months and then fight OS compatibility issues. Analog technology stands the test of time and extends the longevity of your investment. You will likely be using your SoapBox for years.


We've added a modern twist, to give you ultimate convenience. SoapBox is powered from USB-C and can daisy-chain power to other units. All you need is a wall charger or a power bank.

Your New Superpower

Eliminate background noise and record professional vocals that sound loud and clear. Imperfect locations, noisy environments and mic techniques no longer get in the way of your performance. A dynamics processor is a secret weapon and once you try it, you won't want to give it back. We call it SoapBox because it cleans up your vocals. We guarantee it.


Eliminate background noise and record professional vocals that sound loud and clear. Imperfect locations, noisy environments and mic techniques no longer get in the way of your performance. A dynamics processor is a secret weapon and once you try it, you won't want to give it back. We call it SoapBox because it cleans up your vocals. We guarantee it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products. Every CEntrance product is built in USA and is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You will be happy with your purchase or we will refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can you be up and running?

A: It literally takes seconds to adjust your sound. With analog technology, there are no menus, no reboots and no squinting over small print. You will immediately produce more polished tracks that sound great and are quick to make, saving time in post-processing and earning you much respect from producers and clients.


Q: How large is this product?

A: SoapBox fits inside a large pocket. Dimensions are 121 mm x 70 mm x 36 mm.


Q: Will I need batteries?

A: SoapBox does not contain batteries. We recommend using a power bank or a USB charger. 


Q: Is this product difficult to operate?

A: It's easy. There are no screens or menus. No plugins to learn. Instead, we give you the simplest, user-friendly, tactile control surface. You can operate your SoapBox without looking, which makes sense, as you need to be focused on your work and not on your gear.


Q: I'm new to Compression. Can I get some training?

A: We have planned a series of helpful videos to get you up to speed. Our "CEntrance Audio Minute" video series is quick, light and informative.


Q: I'm concerned about the cost

A: SoapBox is designed to deliver premium analog quality, found in the best rack mount and 500 Series modules, but at a lower price and with higher degree of portability. A premium dynamics processor can retail for over $3000. SoapBox is much cheaper and ultimately more portable. You will sound so good, the gear will pay for itself in one gig. You can thank us later.


Q: What is different about this compared to rack-mount equipment?

A: Rack-mount equipment belongs in a heavy rack. The SoapBox is lightweight and ultimately more flexible. It can either live in the studio or travel with you, making it easy to produce professional recordings, anywhere you are.


Q: Shouldn't you add effects in post-processing?

A: The pros will tell you that once you start using a limiter before the A/D converter you will never have a bad take. Too many takes are ruined when you "fry the levels". SoapBox can provide insurance — save you time and reduce frustration. If you record VO for TV stations, they will ask you to apply compression. If you do it prior to digital you will save time in post processing. And time is money.

- Made in USA -

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Industry Pros Using CEntrance Gear


"Light and easy to travel with. Electronics that does not compromise on clarity of sound."

Bluey - Composer, Producer, Guitarist, Incognito


"I'm loving the MixerFace for bass. It's become my go-to for practicing and recording!"

Will Lee - Studio Bassist, David Letterman Band


"CEntrance MixerFace sounds great and so easy to bring on the road!"

Chris Wood - Bassist, Medeski, Martin and Wood


"Why haven't they come up with this sooner?"


Michael League - Composer, Bandleader, Snarky Puppy

Voice Artist Testimonials


"I use the CEntrance MicPort Pro as my audio interface when I travel."

Jeff Berlin (Leading Voice Artist)


"CEntrance makes the Rolls Royce of audio interfaces - beautifully built, incomparable performance."

Harlan Hogan  (Leading Voice Artist, Author)


"I use CEntrance products, because they offer convenience, quality and portability."

Ahmed Aljonaid (Voice Artist, Arabic, English, Japanese)


"I use my CEntrance Interface while traveling and the recordings on my iPhone are fantastic!"

Joe Cipriano (Leading Voice Artist)


You will be happy or your money back!


- Michael Goodman, Founder and CEO


For professionals who value quality and convenience, we provide premium, compact audio gear, to help you make great recordings that move your audience. We innovate so that our products delight with ease-of-use and exceptional sound quality. We are strict about quality control and fanatical about customer service. We make our products in Chicago.


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