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Daisy Chaining MixerFace Units

Learn about using multiple MixerFace's together to combine the amount of inputs you can mix and record!

Daisy chain multiple MixerFace units together by connecting the Line Out of one unit into the AUX input of another! The appropriate cable for doing so is a standard 3.5mm (1/8th inch) male to male audio cable, commonly referred to as an AUX cable.  Both the Line Out and and the AUX Input are located on the back panel of MixerFace (pictured above).  You will be mixing in the first MixerFace’s signal into the second unit thru the AUX Input, which is controlled by the AUX 3/4 control knob on the top panel- this controls the level of the incoming AUX signal (in this case, the first MixerFace).   


Once you have the MixerFace units connected, you are able to mix and record with the combined inputs.  You now have 4 combo XLR inputs as well as an open AUX input on the first MixerFace unit.  One application example of this is to send the Line Out from the second unit into a camera set up, and use your daisy chained MixerFace’s preamps to improve sound for video.  If one of the MixerFace units is our R4R model, with the built in SD recorder, you can record the sum of the inputs into the R4R’s recorder.  

Yet another example where daisy chaining a couple MixerFace units comes in handy is when hosting a podcast which has more than one guest.  Simply connect the units to accommodate your podcast party and record with the brilliant sound of MixerFace.  Of course, you can daisy chain as many units as you desire!  

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