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MixerFace with Windows: Sample Rate Settings

Optimize your Windows machine for MixerFace by making sure these sample rate settings are correct.

When using MixerFace with a Windows computer, sometimes the computer’s default sound settings are not optimal for getting the best (and intended) performance out of MixerFace.  Specifically, the sample rate of the playback and recording device (in this case MixerFace) must match (24 bit, 44100). Below you will find an illustrated guide on how to make sure the settings are proper for optimal playback and recording on a Windows machine with MixerFace.

First step is to navigate to your Sound control settings on your Windows computer, you will see your Playback device settings- make sure CEntrance USB Audio is selected and proceed into Properties.  

Next, once in Speaker Properties make sure the default format for playback is 24 bit, 44100 Hz.  Go ahead and click ok once your playback settings are correct.  

Now to do the same for recording settings. Once you are back in the main sound control panel, navigate to the recording option instead of playback- make sure CEntrance Recording Mixer is selected, proceed to Properties.

Final step is to, confirm or correct, the sample rate for your recording properties so that it matches your playback settings.  Again, the format should be 24 bit, 44100 Hz.  Once they match up, you and your MixerFace are all set! 

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