This page features CEntrance product videos. We highlight videos from our customers and reviewers.

How to Sound Great. Recording Bass with MixerFace!

How to Sound Great. Recording Guitar with MixerFace!

How to Sound Great. Podcasting with MixerFace!

Introduction to the MixerFace R4B, featuring CEntrance PivotMics for field recording.

Townsend Coleman explains how to use MixerFace with Luci Live iPhone app for conducting remote interviews.

MixerFace saves the day for the famous VO actor Townsend Coleman. Watch Michael Goodman Interview Townsend about his experience.

Live from the NAB show, Chuck Joiner interviews Michael Goodman, and Michael is happy to explain what MixerFace is all about. 

Also from NAB show,  Michael Goodman explains that MixerFace doesn’t need any menus because it is so simple operate. And then, Michael and Chris Voss sit down and do a mini-podcast.

Here, Chris Voss is doing an unboxing of the MixerFace R4R and a quick explanation of the controls.

Watch our own Michael Goodman do an Interview with Voice Over Body Shop at Winter NAMM

Watch Jordan Rudess of the band Dream Theater record voice and two synths with MixerFace R4!

See how we use MixerFace R4 to make a multitrack recording!

Learn how to connect a mic, adjust levels and record voice!

Learn how to charge and turn the unit on. The basics.

Watch our Founder Michael Goodman introduce MixerFace R4.

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