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The Reviews are in -- MixerFace is one Tough Recording Interface!This month we would like to talk about industry reviews. We have collected over a dozen and more are coming soon! MixerFace is well received by the media. It consistently outperforms competition and is singled out for it's low-noise mic preamps, exceptional headphone amplifier, versatility and travel-friendly portability.Check these trade reviews out for yourself and scroll down for some video reviews from the pros! VIDEOS Definitely far and above all of the Zoom H series, and even the F series recorders. — Curtis Judd Learn Light and Sound fact is, MixerFace sounds fantastic! It is pretty minuscule and quite remarkable!— Warren HuartProduce like a Pro MixerFace is insanely portable and is built well. I am really impressed! — Bandrew Scott Podcastage  MixerFace R4 turns a smartphone into a portable DAW, ideal for capturing musical ideas, interviews, or live events at…

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