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Reviews Are In!

The Reviews are in — MixerFace is one Tough Recording Interface!

This month we would like to talk about industry reviews. We have collected over a dozen and more are coming soon! MixerFace is well received by the media. It consistently outperforms competition and is singled out for it’s low-noise mic preamps, exceptional headphone amplifier, versatility and travel-friendly portability.

Check these trade reviews out for yourself and scroll down for some video reviews from the pros!


“MixerFace R4… creates a small, powerful and highly portable recording setup.”
“Sweet and clean sounding… R4 will be appreciated by ENG journalists and podcasters.”
“A winner for laptop producers, bloggers, journalists, and attached to video cameras.”
“MixerFace R4 is spectacular for mobile recording if you need professional-grade mic inputs and phantom power. And while it’s designed as an interface, you can skip that entirely and just use it as a gorgeous preamp, making it a shoo-in for video applications, too.”
“MixerFace R4 is a highly versatile mobile recording interface and mixer.”
“R4’s high quality preamps are clean and musical, making it a great tool for songwriters, podcasters, and anyone else who needs to capture professional quality audio on-the-go. It would also be a fine interface to complement your video production setup.”
“I used the R4 to make crystal-clear recordings in my iPhone’s GarageBand app, tracking a couple of guitar parts and a handful of vocal harmonies with satisfying results.”
“YouTubers that do instructional videos would find this invaluable, as it can eliminate syncing up audio and video tracks later on. Bands on the road could easily connect this to the outputs on a front of house mixer, and live stream (or record) their sets for exclusive content.”
“Exactly what I’ve been waiting for to record myself and other artists with my mobile recording studio.”
“A Pocket-Size, Do-It-All Mobile Audio Interface for Digital Journalists… Built like a tank… Beats everything I have tried — regardless of cost.”
“A great all-rounder of mobile audio work. First-class workmanship” (in German)
“Due to the high sound quality, it is fully recommended in any professional environment of music and film. The device is extremely compact, very robust and due to the built-in batteries, ideal in mobile environment.” (in German)
“R4 far exceeds many others’ plastic products. It is the classic Swiss army knife for professionals, ready to do its job without a fail and to provide safe and reliable audio results.” (in Italian)


Definitely far and above all of the Zoom H series, and even the F series recorders.

— Curtis Judd
Learn Light and Sound

The fact is, MixerFace sounds fantastic! It is pretty minuscule and quite remarkable!

— Warren Huart
Produce like a Pro

MixerFace is insanely portable and is built well. I am really impressed!

— Bandrew Scott


MixerFace R4 turns a smartphone into a portable DAW, ideal for capturing musical ideas, interviews, or live events at a remote location. Invaluable for podcasting, video blogging, newsgathering, live streaming, songwriting, and other mobile recording uses, the passport-sized mobile recording interface makes it easy to record professional-quality audio anywhere. An internal, long-lasting rechargeable battery sets the CEntrance product apart from other portable audio interfaces and makes it the ideal companion for the road. MixerFace R4R, released last year adds a built-in micro-SD card recorder, which works in parallel with the phone and allows to record simultaneously to the phone and to the SD card.


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