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The Power of the Blend Knob

"The Knob Does the Job". The blend control knob on the top panel of MixerFace is a powerful tool- learn about it here.

In this tech note we will go over the blend control knob on MixerFace. 

MixerFace is a small device capable of big things.  The blend control knobs are located on the top panel of MixerFace (see pic above).  There is one blend knob for each of the two channels on MixerFace.  As you can see, each blend knob says CH 1 (or 2) and USB. 

If the blend knob is hard panned to the channel side then you will hear 100% of that channels input while monitoring.  

If the blend knob is hard panned to the USB side, then you will her 100% of the signal coming from your USB device (phone, tablet, computer) while monitoring.

If the blend knob is in the middle, you will hear 50% of each signal while monitoring.

When using MixerFace standalone, without being connected to USB at all, you will probably want to keep the blend knob hard panned to the channel side as all you would want to be monitoring in this case is your input (mic or instrument).  On the other extreme, say you’re simply listening to music from you USB device thru MixerFace, you will want to be hard panned to the USB side to ensure you are hearing 100% of the USB signal.  Now things get interesting when recording, as the blend knob allows you to find your ideal balance of input signal versus USB signal while tracking. 

An example of this would be a vocalist recording a vocal part over a backing track. The vocalist’s microphone would be connected to Input 1 and the backing track would be coming from the USB device.  The blend knob would allow the vocalist to find the sweet spot for them to monitor the audio while recording.  As we went over earlier, if the blend knob where hard panned to the channel’s side, in this scenario the vocalist would hear 0% of the backing track- making there job quite difficult! Vise-versa, if the blend knob were hard panned to the USB side, the vocalist would hear 0% of there own voice- so the sweet spot will be somewhere in the middle. Adjust to taste!

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