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How to Enable Mono Audio Output on iPhone

Learn how to enable mono audio output on iPhone and be able to switch between mono/stereo at will!

In most cases, stereo audio output is ideal and it makes sense the default iPhone setting is indeed stereo output.  However, there are some scenarios in which it can be advantageous to have mono audio output instead. Good news- this is made possible by the touch of a switch! When Mono Audio is enabled, the left and right channels are combined in a single mono signal played in both channels. The result is you can hear everything in either ear.  This guide will breakdown how to get to that switch in your iPhone and put the power in your hands.  

First step is to navigate to your Settings application on the home screen and open it. 

Second step is to find General within the main Settings window and click on that.  

Third step is to locate the Accessibility option within the General window and click thru. 

Final step is to navigate down the Mono Audio switch option.  By default it is off, and thus in stereo output mode.  Switch on if desired. 

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