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New Cerene dB Headphones Review By Positive Feedback!

"The Cerene dBs are shockingly good headphones - especially at the price - and perform well with a broad range of equipment..."

Positive Feedback Review by Tom Gibbs

Check out the recently published review on our new Cerene dB Transparent Reference Headphones by Positive Feedback! The feedback was indeed, positive 🙂

Highlights Include:  

“Undeniably the finest professional monitor headphone sound I’ve ever experienced. Everything I listened to was delivered with power, finesse, liquidity, and truly palpable realism.  Magnificently seductive sound that simply begged for extended listening sessions!”

“The Cerene dBs are shockingly good headphones—especially at the price—and perform well with a broad range of equipment…  hook them up to a reference quality source, and you’ll truly hear the magic. Very highly recommended.”



Cerene dB Customer Testimonials

“Comfortable with the leather earpads! Flat and neutral sound to expose any flaws while recording. Now my GO-TO headphones for tracking chosen over my Shure SRH1540 and Ultrasone Pro750i closed back headphones.” – Michael A.

“Great headphones! Quick delivery too!” – Renwick R.

“I’ve compared the Centrance Cerene dB headphones side by side to my Sony MDR-7509HD, Audio Technica ATH-M50X and Oppo PM3. While Cerene dB looks a lot like the ATH-M50X their sound is very different. Cerene dB has the most balanced sound of the ones I’ve tested. Cerene dB exposed more details than all other headphones did. The low and mid frequencies are stunning and the highs less hyped than the others. Highly recommended!” – Martijn S. 


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