Podcast VOL 4: Don Lewis — Keyboardist and Inventor of the LEO Orchestra

"The Universe is an art form". Today we speak with Don Lewis, a composer, musician, educator and inventor. As a studio artist, Don has worked with such greats as Quincy Jones, Sergio Mendez and Michael Jackson. Don is also known for his collaboration with Roland Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi and his engineers. Don worked on rhythm unit design and function, beginning with the Rhythm Ace, through the TR-808.

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Podcast VOL 3: CJ Vanston — Composer, Producer and Musical Director

"Create your own luck". CJ Vanston is a film composer, record producer, songwriter and musical director for Spinal Tap and Toto, among his many projects. As a keyboardist, CJ has played with artist such as: Toto, Def Leppard, Prince, Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, George Michael and many others. We spoke about playing for the Dalai Lama, working with Spinal Tap, and also, about creating your own luck.

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Podcast VOL 1: Michael Goodman — CEntrance Founder and CEO

"Never deviate from your passion". In this interview, which starts the CEntrance Podcast series, we interview Michael Goodman, CEntrance Founder and CEO. A musician, engineer and serial entrepreneur, Michael designed over two dozen products under the CEntrance brand and many more for various CEntrance consulting clients. Michael is a noted authority in the audio field. He will be interviewing well-known personalities in this upcoming series of podcasts. Today we speak about products, markets and Michael's passion for audio.

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