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Marketing Manager

Worship Leader Magazine Reviews MixerFace! Plus Best Gifts 2019 Feature!

Steven Reed's Bottom Line - "[MixerFace] is a high quality portable audio interface used and endorsed by many top audio professionals".

Worship Leader Magazine MixerFace Review

We are excited to share that Multi-instrumentalist, Author, Speaker, Writer, Producer, and Worship Team Trainer, Steven Reed has recorded and published a video review of our MixerFace R4R!  Watch to learn more about our powerful, and portable, MixerFace and find out how Steven is enjoying his unit. 



Best Gifts 2019: Chris Voss Show Recommendations!

With the holidays just around the corner, MixerFace has been featured in the Chris Voss Show’s recommendations for the “Best Gifts 2019”.  We can’t help but agree with the Chris Voss Show!  Be sure to pick up a MixerFace for someone special (perhaps yourself) this holiday season! 



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