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The Broadcast Bridge Reviews The New MicPort Pro 2!

Frank Beacham of The Broadcast Bridge reviews our new MicPort Pro 2 preamp + interface!

The Broadcast Bridge MicPort Pro 2 Review

“The MicPort Pro 2 is a compact, rugged, portable studio-quality mic interface that’s a no-compromise companion to the best microphones available today. It takes mobile recording to a new quality level and should be considered by every pro working on the road.  

For voice-over artists, remote broadcasters, reporters or even musicians, the MicPort is an end-to-end mobile recording system that’s simple to operate and sounds surprisingly well, especially with a high-end microphone. – Frank Beacham of The Broadcast Bridge


Recent Store Reviews

“I’ve owned the original MicPort Pro for years, and even used it as my primary interface in the booth for a while, and always while on the road. I love how powerful, yet compact it is. Time went on, and then I heard about the newest iteration. I had to get it. There’s everything to like about the new MicPort Pro 2, by the way. I’m going to keep it in my mobile rig bag. Easy peazy plug and play. And it sounds and operates just the way it should, right out of the box!” – Bobbin B. 

“MicPort Pro 2 came quickly and in good shape – Nancy M.


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