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Brand: CEntrance and HEDD Audio

Curated Bundle with Perfect Synergy

Ampersand is a portable, balanced, all-analogue headphone amplifier, custom-tuned to drive planar headphones to their fullest potential.

HiFi-M8 V2 is a portable, balanced USB DAC and Bluetooth receiver designed for no-compromise audio quality on the desktop, or on-the-go.

HEDDphone is a unique planar headphone from Germany that features ultra-linear VVT driver technology, resulting in precisely controlled bass, musical mids and soaring, transparent top end. You need a special, higher power amplifier to drive these headphones to their fullest potential and the Ampersand included in this bundle is ideally positioned for that job. It features plenty of power to take these headphones to satisfying loudness and perfect clarity.

German Precision plus American Power

We put this combo together for two reasons.

Firstly, there is an amazing musical synergy between these three components. Warren Chi, a reviewer from Head-Fi.org hinted at this when he wrote:

"Impressive detail and resolution capabilities. Sublime synergy for symphonic works"

Secondly, due to our special relationships in the Pro Audio industry (and HEDD Audio is a Pro Audio company known for their high-end studio monitors) we are able to bring you these components at an amazing price, far lower than what you would pay if you got these components separately. But we didn't stop there. We added balanced headphone cables, a custom balanced 4.4 mm interconnect cable, and a convenient Commander Console that puts you in control of your desktop setup.

We encourage you to see for yourself why we believe this bundle exemplifies German Precision + American Power.

Here is what you get:

  • CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2 USB-C DAC with balanced Bluetooth receiver. This battery-powered flagship of our portable DAC line features lowest distortion, EQ, large LED VU meters and wide range of connectivity.
  • CEntrance Ampersand Portable Balanced Analogue Amplifier capable of driving any planar headphones to satisfying loudness. With 6W of total output power, extreme linearity and plethora of connectivity options, this portable amp can rival many desktop amplifiers.
  • HEDDphone from HEDD Audio, which features the world's first full-range AMT driver. By use of unique VVT technology, the open-back design delivers astonishing transparency and ultra-high resolution. It was designed for production, mastering and high-end audiophile applications. The HEDDphone® is handmade in Berlin, Germany, using high-quality, vegan-friendly materials.
  • Balanced headphone cables for the HEDDphone.
  • Balanced 4.4 mm interconnect cables to hook up your DAC or DAP to your Amp.
  • Desktop Commander Console. Ampersand stacks well with the CEntrance HiFi-M8, but if you want to use them side by side, we include a custom skin that protects your electronics and elevates the units for convenient access on the desktop.

Note: Some pictures above may illustrate applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item.

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