DACport HD: Portable DAC/Amp with DSD

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Rediscover your music collection with this award-winning USB DAC from CEntrance. DACport HD will deliver true 32-bit/384kHz HD audio, as well as DSD, in full resolution! DACport HD offers plenty of volume so you can listen on your favorite headphones including Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Audeze, and other over-the-head headphone models that other DAC/Amps cannot drive sufficiently loud. DACport HD can!

With DACport HD we re-imagined the much-revered DAC/Amp that started the portable audio revolution and is still featured on Stereophile's recommended audio equipment list. That was the original DACport Classic. Now, DACport HD gives you an ultra low-noise, portable Class-A headphone amp, 0.002% THD, asynchronous USB, over 40 kHz audio bandwidth, and unmeasureable jitter. Works with Mac, PC, and Linux. Windows driver available.

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