Using MixerFace R4 with Skype

Daniel Martinez

Audio & Tech Wizard

Record Remote Guest into SD Card w/ MixerFace

This is a simple tutorial on how to record a remote guest into the built-in SD card recorder using MixerFace.

You can’t always be in the same place with the person you may be interviewing or having a podcast with, no worries! MixerFace allows you to record your remote guest into its very own built-in SD recorder! 

In order to record the remote guest into MixerFace’s built-in SD card recorder we are going to be routing the audio from the Line Output into Ch. 2 using three simple steps.


  • Use 1/8 inch to RCA cable from Line Out
  • Connect that cable to a RCA to 1/4 inch cable *important* only connect RED half of RCAs
  • Finally, connect 1/4 inch jack end into Ch.2 

CEntrance makes and sells RCA to 1/4 inch cable:


MixerFace can be used in this way with many applications, here are a few popular options:

Cleanfeed –




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