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Daniel Martinez

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One Man Garage Band!

The amazingly talented Justin Johnson records a video of himself creating a bluesy track using MixerFace!

Entire track recorded with mixerface!

In his recently published, “ONE-MAN GARAGE BAND! (AKA, why musicians take so long getting anything done…)” video, the amazingly talented Justin Johnson records an entire track with MixerFace R4R. Besides the fact that MixerFace’s pristine preamps are so delightfully showcased, the video is just awesome to watch.

A wonderful balance of fun and hard work are exemplified in this video. These are the exact scenarios MixerFace was born to thrive in.  Enjoy the groovy, bluesy track and pick up a MixerFace if you still have not!

New MixerFace R4R Customer Reviews

“Amazing tech support and customer service… the company went all out to solve a particular issue and the end result is the use of a super CEntrance MixerFace R4 that works well with Audacity, Adobe Audition and Twisted Pair DAWs.” -Hartley L.

“Thumbs up to Centrance for such innovative products and excellent service… nothing beats it [MixerFace] for the price.” – Alain M. 

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