Daniel Martinez

Marketing Manager

On The Road With MicPort Pro + Soothing Keys!

MPP2 on the road with VO pro Jeff Berlin plus enjoy some smooth sounds from Peter James!

On The Road With MicPort Pro

We recently featured Jeff Berlin’s insightful mobile “preamp shootout,” which featured our new MicPort Pro 2, and he has been kind enough to share more!  Check out this picture showcasing Jeff’s on-the-go vocal recording setup. Thanks to MicPort Pro, it’s possible to record professional quality tracks from anywhere! Be sure to pick one up if you haven’t yet and keep Jeff’s “hotel room vocal booth” life hack in mind for your next trip. You just might need to make one on the spur of the moment 🙂

Peter James' Soothing Keys

Enjoy these soothing chords and keys played by the wonderfully talented Peter James, and see MixerFace in action!  Peter is a professional musician, composer, sound designer, and MixerFace user.  As if that is not enough to keep the man busy, he is also active in the worship community, both in the music scene and as a lecturer.

Follow the link to Peter’s website for more info on his work, as well as his sound design products.

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