Daniel Martinez

Marketing Manager

MixerFace Survives Being Run Over!

Watch the proof for yourself! Plus our new XY stereo mics available now.

Car vs MixerFace!

While MixerFace has received much praise for its sound quality and portability, its build quality is also top-notch. To prove that, the CEntrance marketing team decided to put this portable powerhouse to the test by running a little experiment. We figured, what proves “road worthy” more than a test where we run over a MixerFace with a car, on an open road? Nothing else seemed as fun.

PM1 PivotMics Arrived!

In other CEntrance news, our new PivotMic PM1 XY stereo matched pair microphones have recently arrived at our warehouse! We are in communication with our R4B pre-order customers and are on schedule to ship those pairs starting this week.  Let us know if you have an order in but have not heard from us yet!

CEntrance PM1 PivotMics are now available for order through our web store as well. They are an ideal match for our MixerFace units, so be sure to grab a pair if you already have a MixerFace! Also, it’s a great time to pick up that R4B you’ve been eyeing!

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