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Hear What Pros Are Saying About The New MicPort Pro 2!

April Watts and Bobbin Beam share their impressions of the newly updated MicPort Pro 2!

April Watts (pictured above) + Bobbin Beam Share Testimonials!

The amazingly talented, professional voice-over artist, April Watts, has been kind enough to share her impressions of our new MicPort Pro 2. She is awesome and recorded her testimonial on her new unit —  here is a perfect chance to hear MicPort Pro 2 in action if you haven’t already picked one up!

Yet another tremendous voice-over talent, Bobbin Beam, recently picked up a new MicPort Pro 2 as well!  Bobbin has been using CEntrance products for awhile now, *thank you thank you* ; relying on the award-winning MicPort Pro Classic for many years, before upgrading to the MicPort Pro 2 just about a month ago.  She too is awesome, and has recorded a testimonial for us on her unit 🙂  

Listen Below!


Recent Store Reviews

“Can’t say enough good things about Michael [CEntrance CEO]. Excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and always helpful. Thank you!” – Glenn H.

“Comfortable with the leather earpads! Flat and neutral sound to expose any flaws while recording. Now my GO-TO headphones for tracking chosen over my Shure SRH1540 and Ultrasone Pro750i closed back headphones.” – Michael A. 



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