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Denny Fongheiser Gives MixerFace Two Thumbs Up!

Denny Fongheiser, legendary drummer and composer, has been putting his MixerFace to great use -- it is now his primary interface!

Denny Fongheiser on MixerFace

Denny is amongst the best of the best when it comes to creative drumming and composing.  He has laid down the groove on countless hit records by influential artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman, Heart, John Paul Jones, and Seal.  Beyond that, he has worked on the music for movies, such as the Lion King Soundtrack, and TV, such as the famous theme song for Friends!

Needless to say, it is great to hear that Denny is loving his MixerFace.  He has been putting it to great use lately and MixerFace has earned the spot as his new primary interface!  

“I love the MixerFace R4 not just for portability. The great sound and flexibility has made this the primary audio interface in my studio, travel and tour.”Denny Fongheiser 

Denny recording percussion with his MixerFace R4R

Recent Store Reviews

“Thumbs up to CEntrance for such innovative products and excellent service.”  – Glenn H.

“This one piece of kit compactly replaces several other items in my home vocal booth, and makes setting up a hotel room “vocal booth” a breeze.” – Kevin A.


Photo Credit: Kimberly Adamis

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