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Charlie Hunter Streams With MixerFace!

Check out talented instrumentalist and composer Charlie Hunter, stream live with MixerFace!

Charlie Hunter Streams to Facebook with Mixerface

Check out Charlie Hunter play the bass and guitar at the same time, and make it look easy!  Here he is demoing a new instrument and streaming live to Facebook using his MixerFace.  Just click the photo and it will send you to Charlie’s recorded stream on Facebook. Be sure to look out for Charlie using more CEntrance gear in the future!

Learn More:  MixerFace R4R

Recent Store Review

As a musician and a photographer who constantly carries a back bag with cameras and equipment, I really appreciate the form factor of this recorder, and the vast multi-functionality it offers despite the minuscule size. In my recent project I was able to track the guitars stereo on SD-card in location, then bring the files on my computer and track the vocals straight into my DAW. The audio quality in both the preamps and the headphone out is really good and the pivot mics serve their purpose well. My Timbre Tones mics love the preamps too. This feels like a professional equipment compared to the plastic boxes I’ve used before. And acts as one too! The enclosed video was tracked with this lovely device  – Janne T.


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