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CEntrance MicPort Pro 2 Receives 5 Star Review from Home Brew Audio!

Ken Theriot of Home Brew Audio reviews our new MicPort Pro 2 preamp + interface!

Home Brew Audio Reviews MicPort Pro 2

“The MicPort Pro 2 is an amazing device. First of all, it shines as “just” a microphone interface for computer recording, matching or exceeding even the quality of recognized industry standard recording interface units. But it is packed with features you can’t get with a typical interface. And that’s before mentioning its primary purpose – being a portable recording studio that can fit into your pocket!

I really cannot recommend this product highly enough if you EVER plan to do any recording on the road, or any field recording of any kind. Heck, if you don’t already have an audio interface, why not make the MicPort Pro your one and only purchase. Then you’ll be set for studio AND mobile recording. My star rating 5/5★★★★★  – Ken Theriot of Home Brew Audio


Recent Store Reviews

“This MicPort pro is my new BFF! I won’t pretend to be an audio expert because I am not, but what I know is love at first sight. Right out of the box I was able to charge it and then hit the ground running. It worked flawlessly on my iPhone with the camera connection adapter and my Neat King 🐝 Microphone. The preamps were totally clean. Honestly this just gave me life. I don’t need 500 buttons to get great sound. The limiter helped ensure I didn’t peak… Shhh don’t tell my husband…. I am in love with my new BFF. Get one you won’t regret it. I am seriously considering getting a second one.” – April W. 

“The first thing you’ll notice when trying them on is the comfort. These are by far the most comfortable (dare I say luxurious) headphones that have ever touched my ears. I feel like I’m wearing a luxury automobile for my ears. The sound is as described. Transparent.”  – Boris B.


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