Windscreen for MixerFace

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Use with your MixerFace and PivotMics outdoors to protect from wind noise and improve the quality of your recordings.

In the real-world environment of field production it's often required to control the impact of wind gusts, which can result in unwanted rumble in the recording. This windscreen accessory fits perfectly over the front of the MixerFace with PivotMics installed and acts to disperse the wind for cleaner, rumble-free sound.

This convenient accessory features a foam grip and will attach to the MixerFace securely, while keeping the finish intact. Small and lightweight, this windscreen can travel with your MixerFace anywhere you go.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO - The inner acoustic foam and artificial rabbit fur effectively block unwanted noise and sounds
  • SNUG FIT - The airtight rubber base ensures a perfect fit and 360-degree wind protection
  • DECREASED NOISE - Reduces wind noise by 24 dB to 40 dB
  • RELIABILITY - Designed for minimal high-frequency loss for capturing accurate audio for your recording

Note: This item does not include the MixerFace itself, which is featured in the photo for size comparison only.

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