Premium Preamp / Gate / Compressor / De-Esser, with linking
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Your new superpower is Eliminating background noise and Dominating the mix. Your voice cuts through loud and clear. You have superhuman vocal abilities. Compensate for imperfect location, environment and mic technique. A Dynamics Processor is a secret weapon and once you try it, you won't give it back. We call it SoapBox because it cleans up your speech.

SoapBox is a premium-quality, Portable Dynamics Processor, designed to help you sound your best, anywhere. The processor includes a Gate, Compressor and De-Esser, based on multiple VCA design. Discover how time-proven analog technology can deliver sound quality and ease of use, in the studio or on the road. SoapBox is portable, sounds musical, and doesn't become obsolete. Analog technology delivers immediate adjustments and instant monitoring. You can even daisy-chain multiple SoapBoxes, linking them for stereo and multichannel use. This way several compressors will fire in sync and the stereo balance won't be affected.

SoapBox is powered from USB-C and has a "through" port, to daisy-chain the power to other units. Use any USB charger or Power Bank and you will never run out of juice. This gives you ultimate convenience, whether you record in the field, or in your home studio. SoapBox Dynamics Processor is part of our English Channel Series. Get on your SoapBox, with confidence.


✔ Noise Gate (de-noiser)

✔ VCA-based Compressor

✔ Adjustable-frequency De-Esser

✔ Precise Input / Output LED VU meters

✔ Dimmable LED Meter

✔ Daisy-chain for Stereo

✔ USB-C power

SoapBox is expected to ship in early 2023.

Note: Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item. Specifications and visuals are subject to change as we continuously obsess with making our products their absolute best.

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