Recording Rig

MixerFace + Stereo Mics + Cerene dB Headphones + Reporter Case
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Recording Rig

  • This flagship bundle contains all you need to start recording in highest quality, right away!
  • The CEntrance Recording Rig can easily work as a Home Recording Studio.
  • Ideal for recording music, broadcasts, podcasts, interviews, videos or audio, at home or on location (field recording).
  • The CEntrance Recording Rig contains the following items:
    • Our award-winning MixerFace Gen 3 Professional Mixer and Audio Interface (includes built-in SD card recorder),
    • Our custom, condenser PivotMic PM1 Stereo XY Microphone pair
    • Our brand new Cerene dB professional headphones
    • Our new, top-of-the-line Reporter case!
  • These items are designed (and destined) to make sweet music together. We curated this bundle to make it easy to start recording right away. Get the CEntrance Recording Rig and save over $200!

Notes: The pictures above show 3-rd party products, such as tripods, smart phones, and cameras, etc. They are not part of this bundle. The Reporter Case features a fresh set of pick-and-pluck foam. It is intuitive to use, but if you any have questions, just ask and we will help.

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