PivotMic PM1

Condenser XY Stereo Microphone, Matched Pair
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Brand: CEntrance

Capture sound anywhere with PivotMic PM1 - a XY Stereo Microphone Pair.

PivotMic PM1 is a matched pair of XY Stereo condenser microphones that turns your MixerFace R4 into a professional field recorder. Housed in a metal chassis, they complement our own MixerFace, known for its tough, road-ready design. PivotMics are perfectly matched to its acclaimed Jasmine™ preamp.

Using Japanese precision technology in capsule manufacturing results in tightly controlled frequency response and lowest self-noise. PivotMics can reproduce the entire dynamic range of a symphony hall, in perfect fidelity. From the quietest passages, to the loudest notes, PivotMics deliver crisp, clear sound, with solid bass and extended highs.

PivotMic PM1 matched XY stereo pair works well for remote broadcasts, live streams, podcasts and interviews. They are especially handy if you need to make recordings while on the road, with professional results. PivotMic PM1 creates a mobile recording solution for podcasters, journalists, voiceover artists, songwriters and touring musicians.

Also great for livestreaming on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram!

Note if you already have a pair of these and plan to get another pair: In March 2021, we made a design change and both mics became 1mm (0.04") taller. Don't be alarmed if you happen to mix and match a mic from an older set with a mic from a newer set. The newer one will be slightly taller. Audio performance is not affected.

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