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Portable Mixer, Recorder and USB Audio Interface
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  • Capture sound anywhere with the award-winning MixerFace — a studio-quality recording and streaming interface for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Featuring two boutique, low-noise Jasmine™ microphone preamps with 48V phantom power, it transforms your smartphone into a full-featured portable recording studio or live streaming device.
  • Complete with Hi-Z (guitar) inputs, low cuts and balanced outputs, MixerFace creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for creatives: songwriters, touring musicians, journalists, podcasters, broadcasters, and voiceover artists.
  • Used by Radio Stations and Houses of Worship to stream live events, MixerFace is a sturdy, compact, powerful audio interface for your phone, tablet of computer.
  • Stream online, via the phone, while recording a local copy to the internal SD card recorder. Such level of flexibility is unmatched by any existing field recorders.

Note: Pictures above illustrate MixerFace applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item. PM1 XY Stereo mics and Cerene dB Transparent Headphones available separately.

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