Boutique Mic Preamp with Limiter, Mixer and Headphone Amp
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The microphone preamp is where your sound starts. So start with the best option. Jasmine Preamp technology was introduced in our award-winning products, such as MicPort Pro and MixerFace. But we didn't stop there. We improved the preamp further to give you lowest noise and 74 dB of clean gain (-129 dBu(A) EIN). No need for cloud lifters. 

This boutique studio preamp fits in the palm of your hand. It also has a mixer, so you can record over a background track or listen to IFB (producer cue).

Use any condenser, ribbon or dynamic mic. Add the optical limiter to prevent clipping. Discover how time-proven analog technology can deliver sound quality and ease of use, in the studio or on the road. Jasmine is portable, sounds musical, and doesn't become obsolete. Analog technology delivers immediate adjustments and instant monitoring over headphones.

Jasmine Preamp is powered from USB-C and has a "through" port, to daisy-chain the power to other units in the series. Use any USB charger or Power Bank and you will never run out of juice. This gives you ultimate convenience, whether you record in the field, or in your home studio. Jasmine works great with other products in our English Channel Series, so you can pick and choose processing blocks and build a channel strip the way you like it.


✔ 74dB of Clean Gain

✔ Lowest noise: -129 dB (A) EIN

✔ Guitar / Bass Input with Hi-Z (DI)

✔ Smooth Optical Limiter

✔ 48V Phantom Power

✔ Low-Cut Filter

✔ Output Pad Switch

✔ Dimmable LED VU Meter

✔ Aux In / IFB (mono/stereo)

✔ 3 channel mixer

✔ USB-C power with thru

Note: Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item. Specifications and visuals are subject to change as we continuously obsess with making our products their absolute best.

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