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The English Channel

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The English Channel is a set of three, premium-quality Signal Processing Devices, designed to help you produce great sounding vocals, anywhere. Quickly shape your vocal sound and make it ready for live streaming or recording!

The English Channel includes a Studio Mic Pre, Dynamics Processor with Gate, Compressor and De-Esser, and Parametric EQ with Sonic Enhancer. The third device is a Streaming USB Audio Interface with an SD Card Recorder.

You can buy these pieces separately. But when you get them together as part of the English Channel, not only do you get over 20% savings, but you also get a set of USB-C interconnect cables, a set of XLR interconnect cables and a stylish desktop enclosure (we call it the Commander Console).

These tools use proven audio technology found in British recording consoles, hence the name. A full complement of vintage, tone-shaping goodness, The English Channel features sweet, warm-sounding "old-school analog processing". This means immediate adjustments and instant monitoring over headphones. No menus, no wasted time. Reach for the control and make the adjustment without taking your eyes off the action.

Each unit is powered from USB-C and has a through port, to daisy-chain the power to the other units. This gives you ultimate convenience, whether you use the English Channel to record in the field, or in your home studio.


  • SoapBox, containing Studio Mic Preamp with Balanced Jasmine Technology

✔ 70dB of Clean low-noise gain

✔ 48V Phantom Power

✔ Hi-Z Instrument Input

✔ 80Hz Low-Cut Filter

SoapBox also Contains:

✔ VCA-based Noise Gate (de-noiser)

✔ VCA-based Analog Compressor

✔ Adjustable De-Esser

✔ Precise input/output LED VU meters

✔ Dimmable brightness LED Meters

✔ Link I/O for Stereo configuration

✔ USB-C power through

  • BlackCab, containing EQ and Sonic Enhancer

✔ Low-Cut

✔ 3-band Parametric EQ

✔ Variable Q Design

✔ Variable Frequency

✔ Spectral Enhancer ("air" control)

✔ Input/Output LED Meter

✔ USB-C power through

  • PortCaster R4S Streaming USB Audio Interface and SD Card Recorder

✔ Two extra mic preamps, allowing you to add podcast guests

✔ Allows to connect a total of three mics to the English Channel

✔ Phone patch feature with Mix Minus lets you interview a guest over the phone

✔ Dual Optical limiter helps prevent overloads

✔ Stereo Aux Input lets you add music or sound effects to your podcast

✔ LED indicators for Input levels and Limiter action

✔ USB-C power — use a phone charger or a power bank in the field

✔ USB-C Recording / Streaming Audio interface with up to 24-bit / 192 kHz recording

✔ SD Card Recorder that works simultaneously with the USB interface

  • The English Channel comes with all USB and XLR cables you will need. It also includes a sleek Desktop Enclosure (choose color at check out)

Note: Save 30% during the preorder period. The English Channel is expected to ship in February, 2023.

Note: Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item. Specifications and visuals are subject to change as we make these products their absolute best.

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