Commander Console 2U

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Brand: CEntrance

Commander Console 2U

Providing an easy way to neatly organize your CEntrance devices, the Commander Console 2U lets you set up two products side-by-side. Your gear is held in place securely by a lightweight yet tough snap-in tray. Typical product combinations include: HiFi-M8 + Ampersand, MixerFace + PortCaster, SoapBox + BlackCab, more. Available in Red, Lemon, Lime, Gold, Silver and Black.

Group your CEntrance products for easy access on the desk, or on a remote gig. Reduce clutter, save valuable space. Control your gear with one hand, without looking, which helps you focus on your work and not on your equipment.

  • Control several products with one hand, increasing speed of your production work
  • Save desk space by removing wire clutter. Keep the devices you need by hand
  • Tough plastic enclosure keeps your CEntrance products aligned and protected
  • The products snap in with a satisfying click and are held firmly in place
  • Short interconnect cables are available, reducing cable clutter and providing a neat work environment.

Note: This product does not include electronics. Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside other products, which are not included with this item. HiFi-M8 V2, Ampersand and MixerFace, PortCaster and others are available separately.

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