10-Channel Summing Mixer with built-in 2-Track SD Recorder
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Bouncer is a portable Mixer and two-track Recorder for your home studio or live set. It's the easiest way to bring your synths together and record a stereo mix. Bouncer fits in the palm of your hand, so it won't take much space on the desk, but don't let the size fool you. Bouncer features lowest distortion and professional specs!

Connect up to 5 stereo sources, such as synths, groove boxes, etc., and record the final mix to an SD card! Bouncer is easy to operate and offers better than CD-quality, so you can quickly capture your tunes without a fuss.

You can use Bouncer for overdubbing, or adding a solo to a background track. Bouncer doesn't require a computer, so it lets you work quickly in a DAW-less environment. Bouncer offers a fast and straightforward way of making complex, multi-track musical pieces, without a computer.

Bouncer is powered from USB-C and has a "through" port, to daisy-chain the power to other units. Use any USB charger or Power Bank and you will never run out of juice. This gives you ultimate convenience, whether you record in the field, or in your home studio. Bouncer works great with other products in our English Channel Series, so you can pick and choose processing blocks and build a mixer the way you like it.


✔ Connect up to five stereo sources and instantly capture the mix to the micro-SD card, in highest fidelity.

✔ Record band practice, a solo performance, or your synth jam, by pressing a single button.

✔ Hook up to a larger mixer and record straight off the board. Bouncer handles pro levels up to +20dBu, so it won't clip the inputs.

✔ Bouncer is easy to operate and doesn't require a computer, so you can work anywhere, quickly and easily, without a DAW.

✔ Professional multi-color LED meters with VU ballistics let you see program levels at a glance. Brightness is adjustable.

✔ Built from sturdy, lightweight aluminum chassis, Bouncer is a compact, powerful audio recorder you can take with you anywhere.

✔ Takes power from any USB-C charger or Power Bank and daisy chains to other units, for channel bouncing or input expansion.

Note: Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside 3-rd party products, which are not included with this item. Specifications and visuals are subject to change as we continuously obsess with making our products their absolute best.

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