Ampersand Cover

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Brand: CEntrance

Ampersand Cover

Providing an easy way to neatly organize your CEntrance devices, the Ampersand Cover lets you stack your HiFi-M8 and your Ampersand, without fear that they will get scratched. Use rubber bands to secure your gear in place and enjoy your powerful stack while you travel with your planar headphones.

Group your CEntrance products for easy access on the desk, or on a trip. Reduce clutter, save valuable space. Control your gear with one hand, without looking, which helps you focus on your day and not on your equipment. Use Ampersand in FIX gain position and control Volume from the DAP/DAC.

  • Allows easy stacking of CEntrance HiFi-M8 and CEntrance Ampersand
  • Rest assured the volume knob is not accidentally bumped while in motion
  • Save desk space by removing wire clutter. Keep the devices you need by hand
  • Tough plastic enclosure keeps your CEntrance products aligned and protected
  • Ampersand snaps in with a satisfying click and is held firmly in place.

Note: This product does not include electronics. Some pictures above illustrate applications alongside other products, which are not included with this item. HiFi-M8 V2, and Ampersand available separately.

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