Using MixerFace R4 with Skype

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Recording a Professional Quality Podcast With MixerFace

Learn how to record a professional quality podcast with MixerFace! Give a listen to the top podcasts shows today- the one thing they have in common is amazing audio quality, MixerFace will help you achieve just that!

In this tech note we will show you how to record a great sounding podcast with MixerFace.

What you will need:

  • MixerFace 
  • Headphones (host + guest)
  • Headphone splitter
  • Microphones 
  • Microphone cables
  • Microphone stands or booms


  • 3.5mm cable for AUX input (music/sound effects) 
  • USB device if not using MixerFace’s built in SD-recorder 

To get starting recording a podcast with MixerFace, you are going to want to make sure you have all your gear ready for connecting.  In a typical podcast session you will have a host and a guest- MixerFace’s 2 channels are ideal for this kind of setup, plus the built in battery means you can record your podcast virtually anywhere! You are going to need two microphones, we recommend industry-standard highly directional “shotgun mics”- some top brands include Sennheiser and Rode.  In order to connect these to MixerFace you will need two XLR cables to plug the mic’s into channels 1 and 2 of MixerFace.  These kinds of high quality condenser microphones require 48V phantom power, which MixerFace accommodates via the 48V on/off recessed switch on its back panel.   Next, you are going to want to make sure you microphones are stable and secure throughout your podcasting session and that where your mic stands come in! 

As in the pictures above, small tabletop mic stands are ideal for podcasting and they are very portable, just like MixerFace, allowing you to take them with you anywhere.  Of course, you can use any kind of mic stand you’d like. In order to monitor your podcast you are going to want to use a couple pairs of headphones for the host and guest.  You can connect a standard headphone splitter into MixerFace’s headphone jack, located on the back panel, and plug in your headphones to the splitter so each of the podcasters can monitor.  

MixerFace’s top panel, makes it simple to set your levels and get to recording an amazing podcast.  You will adjust the two gain knobs, corresponding to the two mic inputs, to taste.  In this kind of podcasting situation you are probably going to want to keep both blend control knobs hard panned to CH1 and CH2 so you hear the direct mic channel the whole time.  Lastly, you will adjust the monitor knob to taste as well, as this acts are your “main volume” fed to both headphones thru the splitter.  

See Picture Below For Front Panel Breakdown 

Pro tip: You can send an external signal thru the AUX input (on MixerFace’s back panel) in order to mix in music or sound effects into your podcast.  This external source sound can be easily blended in using the AUX 3/4 input knob on the top panel (pictured above).


MixerFace is ideal for podcasting, especially the R4R model, as it’s built in SD card recorder allows you record your podcast directly to the unit in professional quality.  With the press of one button, the red record button, you will be recording your podcast! Of course you can also record to DAWs or recording apps thru a mobile phone, tablet, or computer if you prefer… or you can record to both at the same time!  If you are recording your podcast with the MixerFace R4 model you are going to recording to a USB device, unless you are sending the line out to a recorder (yet another option!). See the video by our CEO + Founder Michael Goodman below, to learn how to connect and record to a USB device.  

For additional inspiration, Check out our series of podcasts, where we interview famous personalities in the Audio and Music industry. Many interviews are done via Skype, in the way that’s described in this tech note.

Contact us. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. You can reach us via the email box at the bottom of this page or via the contact us form. We are serious about customer support and will help you get going quickly.

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