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Marketing Manager

Magnetic Magazine Reviews MixerFace Reporter Kit!

David Ireland reviews the MixerFace Reporter Kit for Magnetic Magazine!


“MixerFace R4 is an ultra-portable solution for professional and prosumer level content creators that works for various applications. It’s built incredibly well and will provide you with years of service if you treat it with respect. Think of this mixer as your audio R2D2, always there to help you out of a jam. So if you are in the market for a mixer/audio interface that is intuitive to use, has plenty of battery power for long days and practical uses for musicians, journalists, videographers, vloggers, producers, and DJs – you will be quite happy with the R4.”


With the onset of the COVID pandemic and no end in sight, many DJs and content creators are working from home and unique locations away from the crowds. Live streaming has never been more popular, and the surge in online content like podcasts is not slowing down. One of the common issues with a lot of content is poor audio quality. It’s surprising how many DJs think streaming live into their iPhone mic is a good idea, yet there they are streaming away on FB every day.

There are many solutions out there, but few as rugged and high quality as CEntrance’s MixerFace R4, a robust and feature-packed mobile audio/recording interface and mixer. CEntrance wasn’t exactly on our radar, and we only got hip to them because a FB add popped up in our feed, so we reached out. The intelligent design and rock-solid build caught our attention immediately.

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