DACmini 2

Balanced Desktop DAC/amp

Creatives who listen to music while working!

You Mac mini and Mac Studio have found a musical match.


Add DAC mini to create a perfect desktop stereo stack.  Your Mac serves up the tunes. DAC mini gives you amazing sound quality!


DACmini is much more than a Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier. It's a Balanced Desktop Reference. You are probably wondering what's under the hood.  Read on to learn about the 12 design innovations we have placed inside!

Top Class Fidelity + Design

  Digital Volume Control with perfect channel balance and lowest distortion

✓  Bluetooth with AptX HD and LDAC: Enjoy wireless audio that sounds like wired

✓  SPDIF optical and coaxial inputs: Timeless compatibility in the modern age

  Dual USB-C power: Run from a computer or a charger, if away from the desk

✓  Balanced and unbalanced headphone outputs with pitch-black noise floor

✓  Custom-tuned EQ system with treble and bass: Give your headphones a boost

✓  Balanced XLRs, RCA and 3.5 mm output with Fix/Var level switch. Connect away!

Gain selector, so you can transition between IEMs and overheads, effortlessly

✓  Use with Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows. Tablets, phones, Pi's - your choice!

✓  Robust aluminum chassis that looks great. Stack it with Mac mini and Mac Studio!

See our own Michael Goodman explain the product in this video

Coming in early 2023!

We want to thank hundreds of people who wrote in with suggestions and helped define this product. Crowdsourcing gives us the opportunity to speak with users and define the right feature set. It's is how we brought you the HiFi-M8, Ampersand, MixerFace and many other great, award-winning products. You can still get a great deal, but hurry -- next month when we start shipping, the price goes up.

DACmini stacks well with Mac mini and Mac Studio

Some DACmini History

If you frequent Hi-Fi forums, you know ExpatInJapan, founder of HeadPie. He said this, referring to the original DACmini: "It was a one-of-kind community think-tank project. We will probably never see another like it." To which we replied: "Now, wait a minute..."


Since the original DACmini, we launched half a dozen award-winning HiFi products. The original DACmini is still going strong, but it's time for an update. Perfect timing, since Apple has made important updates to the Mac mini line recently. DACmini 2 is building on a proud legacy and is destined to become the ultimate audiophile desktop DAC.  Thanks to our community and suggestions from audiophiles around the world, we arrived at the right design and feature set to make DACmini 2 a strong evolution of the DACmini legacy.

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