BlueDAC Comes to the Rescue of an Injured Vet, Soothes Tinnitus

Andrew had been seriously injured in Afghanistan, and one of his issues has been extreme tinnitus, a constant and irritating ringing in his ears. Having tried other audio playback devices that didn’t seem to help soothe his hearing problems, he eventually tried BlueDAC and was surprised that the audio quality from the CEntrance DAC actually made a difference in suppressing and covering up the ringing in his ears as he listens to various sounds and music.Now this isn’t about a medical breakthrough or a prescription for what others may experience, but rather an exploration of Andrew’s experience finding the right products and his feelings about how BlueDAC helped him personally. We spoke on the phone and he told us his story…Q:  Why did you decide to try the BlueDAC to help mask your hearing issues? Well, to be honest, I needed something for Bluetooth, for it to be wireless. And…

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