A toothy clip

Today we are waiting for side panel PCB samples. They should show up tomorrow and then we will build them up.

The idea is to freeze them as soon as possible. “Freezing” means the design is finished and no more changes would be necessary.

Meantime, we are working out the EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) issues.

We need to make sure our boards are making adequate contact with the chassis metal to make sure that external radio frequency interference doesn’t affect the performance of our unit. Radio frequencies should be going straight to the metal of the chassis, not to the circuit. Protection is  is especially important, since there will be a cell phone sitting right on top of the HiFi-M8.

We are doing very well already with EMC stuff, but are considering an extra step. For that, we are using a little toothy clip. It’s shown in the picture.

Meantime, software development is going ahead, analog PCB schematic is finalized as well. More on these items tomorrow.

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