Bass Boost Rocks

Today we spent time analyzing the EQ.

Short answer – the bass rocks. We are very happy. This reminds me of the time spent working in a recording studio, EQ’ing the drums.  After a while you come to know some sweet spots on the EQ curve, which are perfect for the drum kit. We went right there with our HiFi-M8 bass control. It worked like a charm. I think we nailed it. A dream come true.

Having said that, the treble control is not quite there yet. It sounds a bit brittle because the frequency range is not exactly where we want it. But it’s easy to change. We know what to do, just need to re-shape the curve a little with slightly different parts values.

Treble notwithstanding, the bass control is “Da Bomb”.

I usually am much more subdued in my analysis, but today I was quite happy. The curve is just right and the amount of added “oomph” is right on as well – not too little, not too much. Perfect! Makes your rock and dance music come to life with any headphones, but especially noticeable with higher quality headphones, such as Sennheisers, Beyers and Audezes. We tested a whole bunch.

It’s time to make the final revision of the analog PCB. In order to do that, we are going through everything with the fine tooth comb and noting down any suggestions for final improvement.

The power supply for the analog circuitry will change to reduce the power-on tick, the inter-board connector will be fixed, etc. We are almost there on the analog board… It’s truly shaping up to be an amazing product.

The M8 sounds louder than DACport and currently even louder than DACmini, but we will have to scale that down a notch — my ears are hurting. And so is the battery…

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