Digital PCB on Bench

Digital PCB Rev 9.3

The Digital PCB is on the engineering bench now.

We are working to check it out and power it up. As you can see in the picture on the left, the board is quite complex.

I have not counted the number chips yet, but it’s over two dozen. Parts are mounted on both sides of the board.

We developed a dual-core portable audio computer that runs on a battery and communicates with a variety of input sources. It’s kind of scary how complex this thing really is.

The board is alive. I’m happy to report that the power supply is stable as a rock. All the instability issues from earlier are gone. We cleaned up the design well.

Today we discovered that the main chip does not want to come out of reset and noticed an incorrect component placed on the board.

The correct part is being overnighted and will be exchanged tomorrow. Debugging will continue. Hopefully, that’s the only issue we will find.


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