Back Panel Controls

We are working on the HiFi-M8 website. The website should be going live in a couple of days.

For a while it will be a work in progress — we will keep adding to it as we create more materials.

For now¬†we have prepared some images to illustrate the unit’s connections.

Click the picture to the left for larger view.

You will notice that the device has two digital inputs:

1) USB B jack for connecting laptops, featuring asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz digital audio.

2) USB A jack, for connecting iDevices.

All products, which connect to iPhones and iPads need to be approved by Apple. Putting a stamp of approval on accessory products a great way for Apple to ensure that all accessories are designed right. CEntrance no doubt supports this policy.

We have not yet received the formal approval from Apple, so we have some restrictions on what we can and cannot say. But it’s official — HiFi-M8 will support iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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