Second Device in the M8 Family

HiFi-M8 LX will feature USB compatibility

We are considering a second device in the M8 family.

A portable DAC called “HiFi-M8 LX.”

You are probably familiar with the CEntrance DACport LX. The LX is a simpler, less expensive version that still sounds as good as DACport.

We are doing the same thing with HiFi-M8. Not all customers are created equal. Some don’t have a need for portability.

HiFi-M8 LX will be less expensive than the “regular” HiFi-M8 and will only feature compatibility with laptops through the USB input.

All the while, the “regular” HiFi-M8 will be compatible with laptops but  will also feature compatibility with yet-to-be-named phone/tablet.

So, there you are — expect two products from CEntrance:

  • HiFi-M8 LX – Portable, battery-powered USB DAC.
  • HiFi-M8 – Portable, battery-powered USB DAC + phone/tablet connection.

Both will offer balanced/unbalanced headphone output, 24/192 asynchronous USB interfacing, tone shaping controls, long battery life.

Let us know if you have any comments on this strategy.

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