Unbalanced Outputs

HiFi-M8 will features Neutrik Combo connectors

The other day we mentioned that the CEntrance HiFi-M8 will have balanced outputs.

Today we will say that it has unbalanced outputs. Those two statements may seem contradictory at first.

So which one is it? Balanced or unbalanced?

You may think that we cannot make up our minds. But that’s not true. Our minds have been made up a long time ago.

The CEntrance HiFi-M8 will feature unbalanced outputs in addition to the balanced outputs.

It will have both. And the connector responsible for this magic is the “Neutrik Combo Jack.” This connector has an XLR jack and a 1/4″ jack combined within the same body, allowing you to plug either the balanced headphones or unbalanced headphones, depending on the plug wiring.

The unbalanced headphone outputs will accommodate two standard 1/4″ plugs (6.3mm). This allows two people with regular headphones to listen at the same time.

If your preference is for the balanced headphones terminated with two XLRs, then you would plug the left headphone’s plug┬áinto the left XLR and the right one ┬áinto the right XLR.

To summarize, HiFi-M8 will have balanced AND unbalanced headphones.

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