Communications update

Our communications strategy is changing in changing world.

HiFi-Skyn is our new listening product, an audiophile case for the iPhone.
We post updates about it on its indiegogo page. You can check it out and read the updates here:

We post MixerFace campaign updates on the MixerFace indiegogo page right here:

In general, we post most updates on our facebook page now. You can access it right here:

Also, don’t forget to check our twitter feed here:

Off to IBC

I will be leaving to go to IBC in Amsterdam with 5 prototypes today. We have interest from the European broadcast community and I have a number of meetings scheduled with dealers and distributors.

I will be taking what we consider to be final units with me. These are the units we will start to send out this month and ramping up next month.

Stacie will be in touch with our customers to announce what we are shipping and when.

New Analog Board Meets our Approval

Update: We have assembled the new analog PCBs and are very happy with the performance. We have blessed the design for production.

I put the boards through their paces last week, recorded guitar, bass, microphones, played back, overdubbed, etc. All functions work well. Limiter works well. Recording and playback work well.

We will be showing the units at IBC in Amsterdam next weekend. We are ramping up production and will fulfill a small number of orders this month. More next month. This project is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and shipment is near!

Analog circuit boards came in

Today we received the new analog PCBs from the manufacturer.
We are filling them with parts and will try to power them up tomorrow.

I’m really hoping that this Rev 10.9 is the last one. Everything works well, we made this spin just to clean up the tiny little audio buzz in the left channel, to make sure it’s super quiet. Will report on that soon.

Meantime, if you are heading out for the long weekend — please get to relax.
If you do, we will relax through you, vicariously :)

MixerFace picture time

MixerFace Analog PCB Revision 10.9

Several more tweaks and hopefully this one is it.

We have stuffed over 80dB of gain inside this little box and all that gain is sitting around TONS of digital circuits.

And we know that digital circuits are not a friend to analog circuits. They need to be separated as much as possible to avoid interference. Which separation is hard to achieve in small spaces.

Everything needs to be buttoned up to make sure audio is super-clean. This is a pro product after all! Hopefully, by now we’ve learned how to do this right.

Will let you know in about a week, when we build the latest prototypes and measure them up.

Joe Cipriano is excited about his MixerFace!

This short tweet came in over the weekend. Joe Cipriano, one of the foremost and well known announcers in US has been beta-testing the MixerFace prototype on location. We are delighted to hear that he is loving his MixerFace!

MixerFace Analog PCB Revision 10.5

MixerFace is getting what will hopefully be the last update of the main Analog PCB. In total, MixerFace contains 5 PCBs. Each one has parts on top and bottom. Each one has four layers of copper traces. The PCBs are setup in an intricate arrangement, which allows us to pack a lot of functionality into the smallest possible amount of space.

All remaining analog PCBs (3 in total) have been approved. The only exception is the main Analog PCB. It houses the A/D converters, 48V phantom power circuit, our innovative monitor mixer, headphone amp and some other circuit blocks. It’s the most complex of the four. The latest revision is designed to overcome a slight bit of noise in the left channel that comes through from the digital circuitry. The analog amplifiers are so sensitive (much more so than in our MicPort Pro) and the space is so tight (this is a very small, portable product), that we have to be very careful with PCB layout to make sure that all signals are well-shielded from one another and no interference is heard.

The next revision number is 10.5. Yes, it’s been a long series of tweaks, with every version getting progressively better and better. I’m planning to deliver the files to our approvals meeting tomorrow. ‘Been working all weekend. Doing my best at isolating all the pesky signals, so that you get the best signal to noise performance in this awesome product.

MixerFace update

In January of this year, we started out a crowd funding campaign for our new recording product MixerFace.

This handheld device records to laptops and iPhones and is very portable. It’s built on the HiFi-M8 platform and adds recording capability.

We have received 200 orders and were planning to ship the product this Summer, but encountered technical delays. First, we added some analog features, such as guitar input and stereo limiters. Many people requested these additions and we obliged. Then, we realized that some digital connectivity features are not fully up to our standards, so another round of changes is coming. But we cannot afford to keep changing the product forever.

We currently have functioning units of MixerFace, which can record to the laptop and phones. We are working on the improved version that will also charge the phone. This will take some time, since some software inside MixerFace needs to be updated for that to happen.

So we will start shipping soon. Time to start delivering on our promise.

That’s our quick update for today. More soon.

OHM, the sound of resistors

Time to get back in communication.

Many things are happening around CEntrance and it is our duty to report. We’ve been away from blogging for 8 months and it feels like a void has developed.

Let’s fix that.

No more slacking off. No more complaining about work, travel, jetlag, family, distractions, etc. Time to stop the repeating internal dialog, that goes something like this:

But it’s hard to do something on a regular basis if you have not done so in a long-long while!

Breathe in, meditate, jump in. We are returning to the regular blogging experience.

Well, all right. I will put on my headphones and listen to noise (the sound resistors make). That would sure calm me down, right? OHM. OHM. OHM.