Amazingly Revealing  

Building upon the legacy of the original DACport, we offer two new models featuring modern technology, improved sound quality, and a smaller package. DACport Slim and DACport HD are reference-quality portable listening devices. And they are amazingly revealing. The sound quality is so awesome, you will hear detail in your music you never thought was there.

Both models feature a Stereo Digital to Analog Converter and a Class-A Headphone Amplifier with digital volume control. DACport Slim tops out at 192kHz, while HD takes it up a notch, delivering full 384kHz resolution, and DSD, so you can play any high-resolution files. Also, DACport HD offers a higher output level and can drive more headphones.

With DACport Slim and DACport HD, CEntrance redefines the portable USB DAC. Again.

    Take the Show on the Road

Make your audiophile experience portable. Listen to pristine-quality playback anywhere— at a coffee shop, at work, or on a trip—no need to sacrifice sound quality for portability. With plug 'n play operation on Mac and Linux, and a driver available for Windows, both products pack a lot of features into the lighter-sized, anodized aluminum chassis, setting new standards in portability, convenience and sound quality.

By special arrangement, DACport Slim is available only at DACport HD is available everywhere.

    Key Features

Audiophile-grade AK4490 D/A converter plays HD music with bit-perfect accuracy.

Amp designed for listening without fatigue, offers clarity, soundstage and detail.

Ergonomic, side-mounted rotary volume control for single-handed adjustment.

Volume control with perfect tracking, so your L/R channels are always in balance.

Plug 'n play operation with Mac and Linux. Driver available for Windows.

No power adapter or batteries—both products use USB power from your laptop.

Aircraft aluminum chassis, anodized for extra scratch protection and durability.

1/8-inch headphone jack drives the most advanced headphones on the market.


This is what Stereophile wrote about the original DACport. Wait until you hear the HD!

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Bit-4-Bit Digital Audio


Windows may downgrade 24-bit audio files to 16-bits, adding noise. DACport is a 24-bit device, ensuring that Windows sends it audio with no changes, "bit-for-bit", at all supported sample rates.


Precision Clock Oscillator


The art of digital-to-audio conversion is in the quality of the clock. CEntrance's clock management system uses military spec clock oscillators with 10ppm precision.


Class A Headphone Amp


Capacitors introduce distortion. DACport's Class-A audio circuit is direct-coupled (capacitor-free), maintaining audiophile quality all the way to the line output or to the headphones.


18V internal power


DACport's advanced, low-distortion Class-A amplifier circuit runs on super-clean 18V rails (±9V, bipolar supply). Higher voltage means more headroom and more output power to drive any headphones.


RoHS Compliant


Our products are sold all over the world and we go to great lengths to ensure compliance with international regulations. DACport is RoHS, FCC and CE-compliant, which ensures safety and protects our environment.


Made in America


DACport Slim and DACport HD are designed and assembled by CEntrance in USA from components sourced from around the world. When you purchase our products you are bringing manufacturing jobs back to America. Thank you for your support!







Digital Specs

  Max Sample Rate (Slim) 192kHz (Also: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4kHz)
Max Sample Rate (HD) 384kHz (Also: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352kHz), DSD
  Max Resolution (Slim) 24-bit (Also supports 16-bit)
Max Resolution (HD) 32-bit (Also supports 16 and 24-bit)
  Connection USB 2.0, asynchronous
  Local clock Mil-spec clock, 10 ppm precision, 1 ps jitter
  Compatibility Any computer running Mac, PC, Linux. Driver is available for Windows.

Analog Specs

  Frequency Response 20Hz...40kHz +/-0.2dB
  Dynamic Range (Slim) 109 dB, re +11.5dBu, max gain
  Dynamic Range (HD) 112 dB, re +14.5dBu, max gain
  THD+N (Slim) 0.003% (FS, 1kHz)
  THD+N (HD) 0.002% (FS, 1kHz)
  Noise Floor 7 µV RMS (A-weight), max gain
  Audio Output Stereo 3.5mm (1/8") jack, headphone or line output

Headphone Amplifier

  Output Impedance 1 Ohm
  Amplifier Ttype Direct Class-A, no caps in the signal path
  Max Level (Slim) 2.9 V rms / +11.5 dBu
  Max Level (HD) 4.1 V rms / +14.5 dBu
  Output Power (Slim) 450mW (total), drives 600 Ohm headphones
  Output Power (HD) 775mW (total), drives 600 Ohm headphones

General Specs

  Input power USB bus (no external power supply needed)
  Gain Switch 20dB range
  Internal power supplies ±9V, dual, super-clean analog rails
  Unit Dimensions: 3" (7.6cm) L, 1.1" (2.9cm) W, 0.4" (1.1cm) H
  Weight: 2.5 ounces (72 grams)

Reviews for DACport Classic





Customer Feedback

The device was extremely easy to install, plug-n-play on a work computer where there are normally issues. -- And it sounds wonderful! - Steve S., Australia


"I'm very happy with the DACport, my MacBook pro and the Grado PS1000 :) They sound amazing !!!" - Nicolas L., Belgium


"I found it expecially good for songs with acoustic guitars in them, which is perfect for my taste." - Stefano M., Italy


"I am listening to my DACport with my SENNHEISER HD800. I'm very happy with its sound!" - Masashi K., Japan


"I was impressed by the sea of details that DACport delivers. Not only the DAC resolution is good but the DACport is very quiet amp and the background is pure black… localization is also nice, music instruments are clearly separated and placed at the right position." - Sasaki Y., Japan


I spent whole evening listening to DACport sound and I must say that DACport really is amazingly revealing! I'm very satisfied and impressed! - Arturs J., Latvia


"Without a doubt, DACport is more resolving, dynamic, and extended on both frequency extremes." -


"My wife tried my first DACport using Sennheiser HD600 headphones, and liked it a lot. So I'm buying her one also. The sound is very clean (high SNR, low distortion) - pretty impressive for a portable USB DAC/amp." -


"I received my DACport today, and listening to it as I’m typing this, with a smile on my face. Clarity is amazing; I can hear very small details... also really like the design. The cylinder-shaped case makes it easy to carry and store. The brushed-aluminum looks very nice." - early customer, USA

Press Reviews

Headphone Sctout

Detail retrieval and sense of space are top notch

"There are few reasons to not go for the DACport. It is plug-and-play via USB, does not require an external power source, and is compatible with all major operating systems (PC, Mac, and Linux). DACport shines when it comes to sound quality. Packed within the unique-looking capsule is a slightly warm sound. Detail retrieval and sense of space are top notch. In terms of tonality it is slightly warm of neutral."






Audio Head

The Portable Audiophile DAC – CEntrance DACport LX

"I found the overall tonal signature to be very balanced... If you call your computer or laptop “the place where music comes from” and are looking for a USB-powered one-stop shop for digital to analog conversion to apply to your favorite headphone amp, then you owe it to yourself to check out the DACport LX by CEntrance. Its clarity and black backdrop make it a top performer in this price range."






Truly Gadgets

CEntrance DACport: WorldClass Headphone Amp

"Our mind is made up: we're listening through the DACport. This is a dense, lovely, totally portable unit that doesn't need drivers and works equally well at home or on the go. There's no jitter to annoy or irritate you over time, and the details are impeccable…this is a dead-simple option, without any complicated features."




- Greg May


Positive Feedback Online

DACport LX- A New Reference in Cost-Conscious D to A Conversion.

"If you're looking for a remarkably good-sounding USB DAC at a more than reasonable price, I'd look no further than the DACport LX. People are right... this thing's the bomb!




- Tom Gibbs


EQ Magazine

"My Mac connects to studio monitors, and the difference using DACport compared to the internal audio is a revelation. If you have the bucks, this is the ticket to audiophile computer playback."




- Craig Anderton


Stereophile Magazine

"I wholeheartedly recommend CEntrance’s DACport: A great-sounding product at a great price! Its clean, grain-free presentation with airy high frequencies provided me with hours of fatigue-free headphone listening. The CEntrance DACport demonstrates superb audio engineering in both the digital and analog domains."




- John Atkinson


Stereophile Gear of the Year

We are proud that DACport won Stereophile Magazine prestigious nomination for Product of the Year runner up in total of three categories:

- Headphone Product of the Year

- Joint Computer Product of the Year

- Joint Budget Product of the Year




- Stephen Mejias


Positive Feedback Online

"The CEntrance DACport LX seems to fly in the face of audiophile tradition and expectation. It is not overly large or heavy. It doesn't have a half-inch thick, brushed aluminum faceplate or rare, exotic materials. It doesn't possess any mysterious newfangled take on the world of physics. It doesn't have a power supply big enough to operate industrial power tools. What it does have, based on a couple months of daily listening, is some solid, sound engineering. In other words, this little thing works, and works well."




- Steve Lefkowicz


Sound On Sound Magazine

"A very handy playback system for anyone who needs to travel light without compromising audio quality — and it could also be a perfect replacement for an audio interface for the musician who prefers to work totally ‘in the box’."




- Martin Walker



"DACport manages to sound like a much more expensive product than it actually is. DACport's class A amp offers sonic refinement that is a gift that keeps on giving, delivering a precise, suave and sophisticated sound that will appeal to many listeners."




- Chris Martens


Sonic Scoop

"I was literally floored when I put on my Sony MDR-7509's and listened to a track. Detail, depth, space... There were all the details I loved in the music, down to instrument string noise and vocal rasp at the end of some of the words and the tails on the reverbs that lasted until they decayed... For music listening alone, this is a huge leap up... I would say unreservedly, buy this and match it with your best headphones and retire to a dark room to listen in bliss... If you mix or master on headphones exclusively, I give it another "must-have" rating."




- Mark Kondracki


AVHub Australia

"DACport is a moveable feast... Assuming an excellent set of headphones is on hand to make the most of its skills, the DACport provides a thrillingly audiophile all-in-one file-to-phones solution with the astounding additional gift of easy use on the move."






Hi-Fi World UK

"I was instantly struck by the amount of level available… real enthusiasm and a surprising amount of detail. CEntrance DACport can be considered a fine package, especially when it's build quality, ease of setup and use is considered… an interesting concept that is very well executed."




- TJ


Audiophile Audition

"DACport sounded far better than any of the portable headphone amps."




- John Sunier

"The DACport (as a DAC/amp) beats ALL the portable DAC/amps that I have had come through here for review, but some by a larger margin than others.... The DACport bass and treble extension are very good, while the mids are full and rich without becoming forward. Overall I find it to sound very balanced and refined. I liked it right out of the box and only felt it open up slightly and smooth out a little with a few hours."




- Larry Ganz


LA Audiofile

"The resolution and detail offered with the DACport was nothing short of amazing with good source material. The DACport had the ability to reproduce intricate instrument characteristics not found with mainstream D/A converters.... We can easily recommend the DACport to customers wanting the best performance from a portable DAC."




- Kevin Nakano


Sound Image Awards - Highly Commended

We are proud to have won this prestigious award from the Australian Sound and Image magazine, which singled out our DACport, naming it "Highly Commended for 2011"







“CEntrance certainly did their homework and the DACport is exactly what the company says. Comparison was made with a [DAC] that costs many times more (and weighs much more) and I think it says a lot for the little “cigar” shape!”




- HT Staff


Audio Ideas Guide

“DACport  is something of a no-brainer. It’s easy to use, sounds like it should be far, far more expensive, can drive difficult headphones with relative ease, is portable enough to use almost anywhere. DACport can form the backbone of a fantastic sounding, budget-friendly system. If you’re an audiophile with a computer, you want one.”




- Aaron Marshall


Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award

"The DAC and the headphone amp are quite good - even compared to more expensive separates. No AC plugs, no batteries. Just plug it in to the computer, and sit back and listen. I never take my Apple laptop anywhere without it. A Stellar Sound Award for the DACport."




- John Gatsky


Reviews for DACport Slim and HD





Customer Feedback
  "Overall the DACport HD is very neutral, clean and clear, and lets a lot of information through. If neutrality is your thing, go for it. It`s really amazing for prize and size." - Geraffe (Head-Fi)
5 stars

"I received my DACport HD and I have to say it's a really handy little device. It has greatly improved my audio experience and nicely drives my 600 Ohm DT990s. The fact that it's so portable is great as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase and I can definitely see myself doing business with you guys over at CEntrance again in the future." - Steele Green


"I just tried my DACport Slim for the first time today, and all I have to say is: YES! I knew my onboard audio was pretty bad before, but this is a new level. I am driving my Fidelio X2 headphones and it works like a charm on low gain (even though it does get slightly warm to the touch, but not hot). I had no problems with the drivers either. I installed them, set the DACport as my standard unit for my sound and off we went." - Massdrop customer


"I received my Dacport Slim today and have been listening to it for about 2 hours with about 8 hours of burn in. This DAC is excellent even ignoring the price. For the price, I think there is no other DAC that is even close to it. I had the Geekout 1000 before and I like DACport Slim better. This is how good it is. It has good amount of detail and smooth from bottom to top. These qualities are hard to find in a good DAC under $300. They are usually lean and a bit bright. What impressed me most is the soundstage, imaging and dynamics. I believe this belongs to mid range DAC class which usually cost at least $300. DACS like dragonfly 1.2, Fiio E18 and even Schitt Modi are not even close.." - Massdrop customer


"I must say, [DACport Slim] sounds great. I'm using Beyerdynamic dt880 250 Ohms and Alpha Dog Pros. Very crisp, zero noise, great soundstage and beautifully clear. It's amazing the sound quality that you get for the price. It really shines with electronic music but has sounded great with anything I've thrown at it really. There's enough power for me even when set to low gain using either headphones. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase." - Massdrop customer


"I never expected so much improvement in quality for 100 dollars. Thank you Centrance!" - Massdrop customer


"Been using my Slim for about a week now: The sound when playing Apple Lossless files is outstanding. This DACport is quiet, clean and very neutral. What goes in is what comes out. The proverbial "straight Wire with gain". The corner mounted volume control tracks better than 90% of the volume pots I've had on audio equipment dating back to the 60's, especially at lower levels. An absolute steal at $99.00." - Inabit, Massdrop customer


"[DACport Slim] is an amazing little device. Music sounds fantastic through it, adding fullness to both the midrange and low end. I have several headphone amps and this is easily my favorite." - Pachoo5, Massdrop customer


"Got my DACport Slim today. Plugged it in, plugged in my Sennheiser momentums with the gain set to low, and it sounds... fantastic. I know the momentums aren't the best, but i think my laptop's DAC was just that bad. everything sounds.. smoother? more detailed? less peaky? my laptop's DAC might have been picking up interference." - Tman450, Massdrop customer


"Received it and it works well... With gain switch to High, it drove my 250 Ohm cans with no problem, and headroom to spare. Not bad for $100!" - mesaone, Massdrop customer


"Just unpacked my CEntrance DACport Slim. Plugged into iMac, which found it immediately and assigned it as the output device. Jacked in, opened iTunes, and played Keith Jarrett "Tribute," a lossless AAC rip from CD. The piano solo on the superlative "All the things you are" included details I've never heard before. And during the quiet passages on "It's easy to remember," I could hear the felt dampers brush against the strings of the piano-brought tears to my eyes. This is a truly fine DAC-amp that has improved my listening experience. Thanks to the audiophile group for setting this one up!" - mauiboy, Massdrop customer


"Just got my Slim today. It's working great so far and I'm impressed by the sound. It .. sounds a bit better than my GO450...a bit more full sounding with deeper bass and slightly less thin, with better instrument separation." - Rodmunch, Massdrop customer


"Mini-review: Just received my DACport Slim, it installed in minutes on my ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Windows 8- no problems whatsoever. The sound quality is amazing, and considering the size and price of this little thing, almost unbelievable. I don't have a golden ear by any means, but I do listen for detail. I used to use a Fiio E10K and I still love it…a little on the warm side, but a very full, rich sound and plenty of detail. The DACport Slim blows it away in terms of detail. I used to think the E10K was detailed in giving me the fine guitar finger-picking sounds when listening to Dominic Miller and Neil Stacey…the DACport goes so far beyond this in detail I couldn't believe my ears. If you like clean detail in your music, you MUST try this thing!" - its_clean, Massdrop customer


"Followed the instructions, absolutely flawless installation on my Win 8 64 bit through a USB 3.0 port. took a minute to install the universal driver, windows driver( auto) and the firmware update. Great support Centrance!" - Riisalat, Massdrop customer


"Worked like a charm to hook the DACport up to my AMP to get the great sound of the DACport to the speakers. I was looking for a solution for both headphones and speakers, and here we have it! Portable, great looks and of course... Great sound! ... Thanks for responding and staying true to your customers." - Kheos, Massdrop customer


This little dac/amp really performs well. The new AKM DAC chip in this device is extremely easy to listen to. I've tried it with Amarra for Tidal and Amarra with iTunes off of my Macbook Pro to Mr. Sepeaker's Alpha Dog headphones on high gain, and with the Beyerdynamic T51i on low gain. It really does sound like a wire with gain with no coloration of the sound and excellent clarity. Highly recommended. Comes without a USB cable so you need a USB A male to microUSB male connector. - Michael J. Kegan, Amazon review for CEntrance DACport HD Portable 384kHz USB DSD Hi-Res DAC/Class-A Headphone Amp (Electronics)


Product Downloads

DACport Slim/HD User Manual
User Manual

Firmware update -- DACport Slim only


If you own a DACport Slim from the earlier batches (purchased in mid- to late 2015), you may benefit from a firmware upgrade. This update will resolve compatibility issues with some USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and offer fully stable performance with Macs and PCs. Note that DACport HD does not require an update, so if you have a DACport HD, you don't need to perform this firmware upgrade.This is only for DACport Slim.

We have created two ways of updating the firmware. If you use a Mac, click here. If you have a Windows machine, click here.

The process of upgrading is simple and should take about 30 seconds once you have downloaded and unzipped the file to your desktop.

We designed the Mac and Windows updaters do the same thing for your convenience. For best results, use a working USB port that has a reliable connection to DACport Slim for performing this update. After the firmware update, all USB ports should work equally well.

When you run the Mac or PC updater, it will check your connected DACport Slim and automatically upgrade it to the latest firmware, if necessary. If your DACport Slim already has the latest firmware, the updater will tell you that the firmware is up to date. It's not dangerous to run the updater more than once. It is smart. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help.


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