In 2007 CEntrance became Texas Instruments' official 3-rd party solution provider for Audio and Consumer Electronics products.


Our custom firmware for the TAS1020B chip offers 24-bit/96kHz Audio and requires no custom drivers—a CEntrance innovation.


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Driverless 24-bit / 96kHz Audio Interface Based on TI's TAS1020B chip

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The following products would benefit from incorporating this solution:

  • Digital to Analog converter products
  • Audio Recording Interfaces
  • Electronic Musical Instruments
  • USB Guitars, Basses
  • Digital Effects Pedals
  • Control Surfaces

Who uses this solution


CEntrance licensed this solution to a number of companies in the Pro Audio and Hi-Fi industry segments, including such major players as Benchmark Media Systems, Belcanto, Lavry, Empirical, and PS Audio. All companies have successful products on the market featuring this solution.




The TAS1020B USB device controller from Texas Instruments is easy to connect to most DAC and ADC chips. It features a standard I2S digital audio interface and contains an 8051 CPU. CEntrance invested over two years of intense engineering effort to develop unique, custom firmware for this chip enabling transfers of 24-bit/96kHz audio over the built-in USB1.1 interface. CEntrance learned how to send and receive high-resolution audio data and still maintain compatibility with native audio drivers that ship with major operating systems. The end result is precise, bit-for-bit audio performance - the algorithm adjusts to the incoming sample rate and efectively eliminates resampling in the OS, offering audiophile sound quality all the way to the speakers.


Unique Advantages


Aside from low cost in mass production, the major benefit of this interface solution is its "driverless" nature. Windows, Mac OS and Linux recognize 16-bit/44kHz audio devices and install them automatically when they are plugged in. For this reason USB headsets ship without a driver disk in the package. Typical 24-bit/96kHz USB audio devices however ship with drivers and require the user to perform the extra installation step. The CEntrance 24-bit/96kHz solution eliminates this extra installation step, simplifiying life for the customer and the product manufacturer, while offering audiophile quality due to elimination of resampling in the OS.


What you get


For this solution CEntrance supplies the binary firmware (the code running inside TAS1020B) and programming instructions. It is easy to program the chip via USB.

Most clients find it relatively easy to implement the hardware portion of the design and do not require hardware assistance, however CEntrance can offer consulting services in the development of the hardware portion of the design.

CEntrance also offers low-latency drivers for Mac, Windows and Linux, which fully support this solution. ASIO or GSIF are required to achieve lowest latency under Windows. Please mention drivers and platform(s) when ordering.



  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.4 and above
  • Linux