CEntrance knows partnerships

Our Clients

Since the year 2000, CEntrance has helped Pro Audio companies bring innovative products to market in record time. Our corporate clients keep coming back because we invest in long term relationships. There is no substitute for the simplicity and cost effectiviness of outsourcing to a professional design firm, which understands your customer and your business. Here are some of our recent clients.

Client Feedback

"We really appreciate the work you've done on Cruise Cam. CEntrance enabled us to meet our customer's aggressive schedule. It was good to know that I had capable hands keeping the project moving even when I couldn't devote my full attention to it."

Rick S., Director of Engineering

"You were just the right resource at just the right time for us, and I appreciate your ability and willingness to simply grab the ball and run with it. It saved us innumerable headaches. We would be happy to reengage with CEntrance on future projects."

Shawn S., Managing Director

"CEntrance stepped up to the plate and delivered when we needed to augment our resources on short notice. CEntrance engineers quickly grasped our requirements and were a pleasure to work with throughout the project. We will definitely turn to CEntrance again if the need arises in the future."

Kevin D., Director of Software

"Michael’s firm grasp of technical details and his ability to organize technical information allows him to deal effectively with both technical people and management. He is also highly skilled at recognizing issues that require escalation to management for decision-making. Typically, Michael tackles this by presenting a number of well thought-out options along with pros and cons to aid the decision maker."

Mark A., Project Manager