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CEntrance welcomes consulting engagements to license our technology for use in your products and to develop new products using our extensive R&D and manufacturing expertise.

Company overview  

CEntrance was founded in 2000, out of a need to find a cross-functional product design team, equally skilled in software and hardware development. None were available, so we started our own. Since then, we've created a large portfolio of audio technologies and helped hundreds of companies bring innovative products to market. We license our designs to clients in Europe, Japan, Australia, North and South America, and all over the world.

In recent years CEntrance established relationships with over a dozen manufacturing plants in China. We have experience in cost-effective production and can deliver fully tested, turn-key electronic products. CEntrance can take your product "From napkin sketch to finished goods™."

Consulting Clients  

We offer consulting services to make sure that our technology is a perfect fit for each application. The CEntrance client list reads like the who-is-who of the Audio Industry. Over the years we have helped Benchmark, Belcanto, Harman, Lavry, Mackie, KORG, KRK, TASCAM, WAVES and many others to bring innovative products to market in record time. Our clients return to CEntrance because they rely on the quality of our engineering solutions and our strong passion for differentiated audio products. More...

Digital Audio Now  

The CEntrance engineering team brings innovation to Digital Audio by developing practical applications of new technology through our years of R&D expertise. Musicians ourselves, we want to see new products create the inspiration for new music to be made.

We typically license a single technology to several companies, which spreads the cost of the R&D and makes our solutions more affordable. We invest considerable resources into R&D. This benefits the entire market—the client companies, the customers and the retailers, helping our industry grow through innovation.

Industry Relationships  

CEntrance is an authorized 3-rd party design firm for many semiconductor companies including Analog Devices™, OxSemi™, Texas Instruments™, WI2WI™, and XMOS Semiconductor™. We maintain close relationships with the software teams at Microsoft™ and Apple™ to make sure that the products we design are robust performers in a mission-critical environment. Our clients in the Music, Broadcast, and Consumer Electronics industry segments cannot afford downtime, so we never compromise on quality.

Custom Projects  

In addtion to the standard technologies listed on this page, we do a lot of custom work. Please contact us via the contact form if your project is not listed here. Most likely, we've designed something similar.

Technology Licensing  

Audio and MIDI Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux


More stable and faster than ever, our kernel-level audio drivers feature highest stability and lowest round-trip latency of less than 6 milliseconds. Based on our Universal Driver™ technology (now in its 4th generation), they are also USB2.0 class-compliant!

CEntrance replaces the inefficient OS audio components with our award-winning, lean driver stack that's both fast and resource-efficient. We call it the Universal Driver™ because it supports chips from ADI (Blackfin), BridgeCo, Cypress, NXP, Oxford, Renesas, TC Applied, TI (incl. DaVinci, OMAP), VIA, XMOS, and more!


The CEntrance driver engine is in use in major studios, broadcast, production and theater companies around the world. It is compatible with ASIO2, GSIF2, WinMM, and has been road-tested with a variety of pro-audio applications, such as Cubase, Sonar, Sound Forge, and GigaStudio. To license our drivers, please contact us via the form below.


Hardware Reference Designs


Our reference designs focus on USB, FireWire and Ethernet connectivity, wireless communications, audio and video processing, and portable media devices. License a proven design from CEntrance and shorten your time to market!


USB Interfaces

1in/1out, driverless MIDI interface (TUSB3410)
4in/4out, driverless MIDI interface (TUSB3210)  
Stereo 24-bit/96kHz driverless AUDIO interface (TAS1020B) 
4in/4out, 16-bit/44 kHz driverless AUDIO+MIDI interface (TUSB3200)
4in/4out, 24-bit/96 kHz AUDIO+MIDI interface, (Blackfin)  
8in/8out, 24-bit/192 kHz AUDIO+MIDI interface (XMOS)

FireWire and PCI Interfaces

FireWire Audio/MIDI interface, up to 32in/32out
PCI: Lowest Latency Audio/MIDI interface, 32in/32out  
PCIe: Lowest Latency Audio/MIDI interface, 32in/32out  

Ethernet Interfaces

CEntrance created solutions with a number of networking technologies, notably CobraNet, Magic, AES-50 and many others. Recently, we've been working with AVB.

Portable and Handheld

Streaming A/V recorder based on TMS320DM355, web, Linux   
Streaming media device based on OMAP-L138, web, Linux   
Hardware and Software support for iPod, iPhone, iPad
Wireless Communications: Bluetooth, 802.11, Zigbee, Kleer.  
Architectures: 8051, ARM, MIPS, x86, RISC, PowerPC, Freescale Coldfire, Intel Xscale, others.
Leading embedded operating systems: Linux, WinCE, VxWorks, QNX (Neutrino), LynxOS, Nucleus RTOS, uC/OS-II, iTron, VRTX, VelOSity/Integrity, pSOS, ThreadX, eCos/eCosPro, QNX, MQX, Nucleus, OS20/OS21, uITRON, Symbian, embOS, others.
Contact Us  

For more information on licensing CEntrance technology for use in your product, please submit your contact information and a short description of the project. The puzzle below ensures you are human.











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