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  CEntrance Universal Driver

Key Beneftis:


One driver for all products



Robust performance, lowest latency



Easy installation, customizable


Available Downloads:

  Click here before installing if you have Windows 10  

Current Version: 7.4.19
(Windows XP/32, Vista/32, 7, 8, 10)

Posted: 2015-Dec-17. Status: Release

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  This version automatically installs on all USB ports and features 32/64-bit conversion. It supports all CEntrance products.  
Industry Leading Performance

The CEntrance Universal Driver (UD) defines a new standard for reliability. In the modern Music Industry too much is riding on the audio driver quality — your computer is not allowed to crash in the middle of a take. This is why CEntrance focuses on designing robust, ultra-stable Windows™ Audio/MIDI drivers with lowest latency. Our latest multichannel kernel-level USB2.0 class-compliant audio driver is based on 4th generation code and features industry leading performance.

Amazing Connectivity

Used in recording studios, performance stages and broadcast facilities worldwide, the CEntrance Universal Driver offers mission-critical reliability, required for professional use. But it's equally "at home" in the living room stereo setup. The built-in kernel component bypasses the Windows audio engine, preserving audio quality and delivering "bit-perfect" audio playback with no resampling artifacts.

The UD supports a wide array of audio formats, allowing you to use most popular software packages. Supporting ASIO for low-latency recording and playback, GSIF for sampling, WinMM, Kernel Streaming and Core Audio for full compatibility with playback applications, the CEntrance Universal Driver makes the Windows media experience as smooth as a Mac!

Commercial Licensing

CEntrance continues to improve its drivers to offer modern technology to our licensing clients. We replaced the native OS components with our award-winning, lean kernel-level driver stack that's both fast and resource-efficient. We call it the Universal Driver™ because it already supports chips from ADI, BridgeCo, Cypress, Oxford, TI, XMOS, and more! The CEntrance driver is compatible with ASIO2 and GSIF2, and has been road-tested with a variety of pro-audio applications, such as Cubase, Sonar, Sound Forge, GigaStudio, and many more!

   Full support for XMOS-based USB audio solutions! We offer attractive licensing terms and many customizable options. Demos available.

To demo or license CEntrance technology, please submit your contact information and a short description of the project. We usually respond within one business day.