DACmini PX Drives HE-6

One customer at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio fest came up to our booth to test the DACmini PX with his planar magnetic headphones from Hi-Fi Man, the HE-6. now we need to say, that these particular headphones are known to require a power amplifier to drive them to acceptable levels. Their efficiency is not very high.

Well, this customer was delighted to see that DACmini PX did the job admirably. He connected the headphones not to the front 1/4″ headphone output, but rather to the speaker outputs in the back, using a special break-out cable with banana plugs. We were initially concerned that subjecting the headphones to 25W per channel of raw audio power may be dangerous, but HE-6s held out pretty well and provided our customer with several minutes of listening pleasure and a smile of appreciation. He plans to post about it on head-fi.org. here is a picture of DACmini PX with HE-6 headphones, driven from the speaker amp in the back.

DACmini PX drives all kinds of headphones, including HE-6

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