New Portable Product Coming Soon !!!

New CEntrance product coming soon!

CEntrance is staying with the tradition of blogging about the new product as it is being born. We’ve done that with DACport. We’ve done this with DACmini. We are doing it yet again!

We are gearing up for a very hot summer because what we have cooking in our labs will surely turn a lot of heads when it’s released this Fall. We are so focused on that one goal, that we are temporarily suspending the main corporate blog and will be only sharing the news in the new product blog until the product is released.

Please go here to learn about our status, our challenges, our breakthroughs, and ultimately, about your chances to put your hands on something very exciting, very, very soon!

Click here for the new product blog

Michael Goodman

Chief Product Architect

CEntrance, Inc.

Audiophile Desktop System Well Received at T.H.E Show Newport!!

We had a splendid time at THE Show Newport last weekend.  Thankfully, our Audiophile Desktop System was raising eyebrows and pleasing the ears of the many attendees who stopped by our booth for a listen!  We’ve seen positive responses from the press already, including a nice plug for the DACport LX from Brent Butterworth at Sound+Vision, as well as John Darko from Digital Audio Review.

We’ve also got some new stuff in the works, which we’ll be sharing with the world as soon as possible.

In the meantime, look out for a review of our critically acclaimed DACport in the top gadget site TrulyGadgets (who also reviewed our Audiophile Desktop System, link HERE) and also we hope to see a review from Michael Berk at Sound+Vision shortly.  We’re working hard to spread great sound around the globe!

Here’s a video of our very own Michael Mercer, Director of Marketing, on the Why Headphones? panel at THE Show Newport!!

Why Headphones Panel THE Show Newport

Stay tuned!!

An Interview with Michael Mercer at The Village Headphone Meet!

We had a sincere BLAST at The Village Headphone Meet in Los Angeles last month.

Here we have a video of an interview with our Director of Marketing, Michael Mercer and Alex Rosson from Audeze.  We’re looking forward to more events like this:

Michael Mercer & Alex Rosson on Vimeo

The Audiophile Desktop System is a HIT!

We’re very excited about the positive response to our Audiophile Desktop System in the Hifi press!  We already received amazing reviews from Positive Feedback and Audiophilia, but we keep rocking!

The ADS (what we call the Audiophile Desktop System back at CEntrance HQ) has received very favorable reviews in both Digital Audio Review and The Audiophile Journal, where they concluded by stating:

As I got to know the system, I felt spoiled by it. The AudiophileDesktop won’t overwhelm the available space on a desk, and it will quickly raise your expectations of what all small systems should sound like.

We also made the first Playback Guide to Desktop Audio!!  Our DACmini CX and Masterclass 2504 coaxial/co-planar speakers made TOP PICKS!  You can download a PDF of the Guide HERE.

We’ve been working very hard to continue to innovate, and we have something special in the pipeline!!  In the meantime, our DACport LX was written up favorably in an essay series by Steven Lefkowicz from Positive Feedback on “Computer Audio on the Cheap, Another View Part I“.  A full review is soon to follow!

We ask all CEntrance devotees to help us spread the word!  We’ll be exhibiting at the Tokyo Headphone Meet, as well as T.H.E Show Newport and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012!!  We hope to see you all there!

Yours in Sound,

The CEntrance Crew

We had a KILLER time at The Village Headphone Meet last weekend!

We wanted to thank Alex Rosson at Audeze for putting together a wonderful event last Sunday: The Village Headphone Meet 2012!!  We had a terrific time showcasing our new Audiophile Desktop System, as well as our DACport and DACport LX (static display on the LX).

The crowd was positive, fellow venders ALO Audio (also a dealer for CEntrance products), DNA, Schiit, and V-MODA were all a sincere pleasure to spend time with!  Plus: The afterparty at the V-MODA Fortress was incredible!!!!

It’s an exciting time for Personal Audio!  HERE’S A LINK to our pictures from the event, currently on display at the CEntrance Facebook page.

Now we’ve got the Munich High End Show coming up and the Tokyo Headphone Meet soon (then we have T.H.E  Show Newport, and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2012)!!!!

Stay tuned for more CEntrance news!!!!

We’re Getting Excited for Salon Son & Image in Montreal this Weekend!

We had a terrific time at Salon Son & Image (the Montreal Hifi Show) last year, and we’re gearing up for another round in 2012! This years show will take place on March 22nd, running through the weekend and ending March 25th.

Please stop by and see us at Westmount/Outremont. We’ll be showing our Audiophile Desktop System, DACport, DACport LX and DACmini CX. Stop by and listen to some tunes with us!

We’re also looking to expand our dealer network in Canada, so if you know any dealers please send them our way!
See you there!

Happy Listening,

The CEntrance team

DACmini CX & DACport Make Stereophile 2012 Recommended Components!

We’re VERY pleased to announce that our DACmini CX and DACport have made Stereophile’s Recommended Components for 2012! We just got word this morning (as their April issue just hit the shelves).

Here at CEntrance we work our tails off to be sure our products enrich your listening experience, and it means the world to us when we are recognized by our peers. We’d like to thank John Atkinson and his incredible team at Stereophile magazine for their support of our components! We know we wouldn’t have the support unless our products were worth it!

Here’s to a better 2012 for ALL of us!!

Audiophile Desktop Pleases The Neoteric Listener at Positive Feedback!!

We were pumped to read Dean Seislove’s review of our Audiophile Desktop system in Positive Feedback this weekend! His article was as entertaining as it was thorough, and that’s extremely important in today’s overly saturated market of supposed “mini systems.”

We designed the Audiophile Desktop to work together, specifically. The components are voiced in a way that compliment each other, as we tried to make the whole more than the sum of it’s parts. We think Dean nailed it with this review, and we are honored to have The Neoteric Listener’s thumbs up at Positive Feedback!

Here’s a sample of his review, and a link as well:
Seated in my chair in my office, the Audiophile Desktop reminds me of another favorite hobby, that of admiring ancient Greek coins. Looking at, say, a breathtaking silver tetradachm of Amphipolis, one can’t help but be moved by the exquisite detail, symmetry, and proportion in the representation of Apollo; truly a masterpiece in miniature. The Audiophile Desktop attempts to replicate this very thing, and while it would be an overstatement to call it a masterpiece, the excellent quality of the imaging, soundstage, and handling of digital audio does evoke the sound of a successfully integrated main room system. PLEASE READ THE REVIEW HERE

CEntrance Audiophile Desktop Receives Star Component Award from!!

We are VERY pleased to learn that our Audiophile Desktop system received a Star Component Award from!

Their review was entertaining and provocative (even gave us a couple of ideas) and overall it was a VERY positive reaction to the Audiophile Desktop.

We could not have asked for a better, more enthusiastic review, and for this we are sincerely grateful for the open-mindedness of the folks at Audiophilia!

“CEntrance is a major player in the ‘Pro Audio’ world. They made a splash in the audiophile world with the outstanding DACPort and now have a superb computer/iPod/server digital solution for audiophiles. The full name of the ‘bundle’ is apt. Why can’t audiophiles have great sound wherever they are? With companies such as CEntrance, we can. My desktop never had it so good. Highly recommended.”


CEntrance is Honored with the Support of Many Artists & Major Broadcasters!

CEntrance has been hard at work for over ten years developing a strong reputation in the pro audio industry. We’re known for our engineering chops, problem solving capabilities, and for delivering projects on time. Since we’ve entered the hi-fi market, we’ve taken that same no-nonsense approach to what we do and essentially, what we build.

As the result of our hard work and their generosity we are very proud to have the support of many great artists (musicians as well as voice over artists) and engineers (mixing and mastering). We have a dedicated PAGE on the CEntrance website where you can see many of the artists that currently use our products an are happy to endorse them! We also have major broadcast companies (such as NBC) who use our MicPort Pro! We’re constantly working to innovate and help our users get closer to the sound.

Here are a few examples of artists and what they have to say about CEntrance products:

“Dealing with jitter in a very intelligent way along with a Class-A analog amplifier makes DACport one of the smoothest headphone experiences I have heard to date. I know of very few products that get both the digital and analog parts equally right. Nice work CEntrance…” – Tom Jung, World-Class Recording Engineer

“I’ve been using the AxePort Pro with Amplitube and also with POD Farm and 11. Works great. Sounds WAY better than (competition). Very convenient for traveling. ” – Richard Fortus, Guitar Player, Guns N’ Roses

“I’m astounded! I did not expect to see such fine jitter measurements! DACport beats (slightly) a high-quality AC-powered DAC whose reputation is excellent jitter rejection (the Benchmark DAC-1). This shows that the power supply, grounding and clocking in the DACport must be of a high standard.” – Bob Katz, Audiophile Recording engineer; Chief Mastering Engineer at Digital Domain.